Interview with Volker Müller, PLEVA sales and service director

Volker Müller Sales and Service Director of PLEVA Sensors
Volker Müller Sales and Service Director of PLEVA Sensors

What is PLEVA Sensors and Controls showcasing at India ITME 2022?

We are excited to introduce our high-tech technologies: the weft-straightener SL smart, our sustainable solution for sizing AS 120, and our process visualization and control system PLEVATEC smart. 

My personal highlight, however, is the SL smart: The weft-straightening machine is designed for knitted and woven fabrics. It includes several options for customization like fully-integrated accessories for tension-sensitive fabrics, Industry 4.0 applications and more. The heart of the SL smart is the well-established traversing camera technology which is unique in weft- straightening. It captures up to 20 measuring points per meter of fabric width. This gives a complete overview of the fabric instead of few fixed positions.
This weft-straightener in combination with our customizable process control and visualization system PLEVATEC smart for the integration of the well-known sensors for exhaust air humidity (FS X), fabric temperature (TDS), pick/course density (CAM), and residual moisture (RR) is perfect for retrofitting to enhance older machines to maximum efficiency with intuitive operation.

  1. How helpful is this event for your company from the sales and other aspects?

India is a keymarket for us and we are happy to participate at India ITME. It is a great place to get in touch with customers and get new insights about the market. We hope to see old friends and also get to know new faces as well as opportunities. 

  1. What types of solutions does PLEVA Sensors and Controls provide for the textile industry?

PLEVA is a long-term expert for sensor technology and process optimization and offers solutions for various applications such as weft-straightening, heat treatment processes, drying cans, sanforizing, relax dryers, continuous dyeing, sizing machines, coating and more. And what is really special about PLEVA is that we really offer solutions rather than products. From the beginning through our sales until our service and technology department, we always aim to support our customers and find the best possible solution for the individual process. This is what really makes it special and gives the customer a huge benefit.

  1. What is the current status of Indian textile industry (domestic as well as export Markets)?

We perceive India as a strong market with increasing importance for the textile industry not only domestic but worldwide. From our experience we see that it becomes more and more important as it already had been before. And with that it becomes even more important for the Indian textile producers to become efficient. This is why we see a lot of potential here to enhance the production to maximum cost-efficiency, resource-savings and also, productivity. 

  1. How was the company’s performance in FY21-22?

We are happy with our performance in 2021 and 2022. We strengthened our position in the Indian market since we are now represented here with an own technical support and had many interesting projects as well as some nice innovations in our products, which you can see at the India ITME.

  1. What are your plans to grow your business further in 2023? Approach for 2023

All of the PLEVA products are developed and produced to enable an optimized and efficient production. This will be needed even more in the future by the industry. Thus, we perceive ourselves as a partner for the textile producers to enhance their production to maximum efficiency. Therefore we will follow our existing strategy to deliver the best possible products, which all have direct impact on sustainability and help to achieve more cost-efficiency. Here we will further focus on the following aspects:

  • Saving energy and CO2
  • First-Time-Right-Principle (enable our customers to produce the desired end

  product directly)

  • Reduce chemical usage

Taken those aspects together, we want to strengthen our position as the partner for cost-efficient, reliable and sustainable textile production.

  1. What is your expectation on growth in textile manufacturing and exports from India after the Indian government’s increased focus on textile manufacturing?

We expect a very positive impact on the industry which also allows the manufacturers to enhance their production not only from the scope but also in terms of efficiency and innovation.

  1. Any Message to our readers?

I wish all of you a great show on the INDIA ITME and a lot of useful informations and new ideas for our visitors for more sustaibale and efficient production.

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