CCI’s brand new sampling solution Everdu-O maximizes efficiency in a simple way!

Everdu-O. Photo: CCI TECH INC

CCI is proud to announce a release plan for its latest sampling solution, Everdu-O. The machine innovatively combines Weaving, Warping, and even Drawing-in functions together with the new concept of Integrated Design. And that means you can effortlessly complete a piece of fabric sample just on One Machine without additional cost!  With the brand-new sampling solution, you can enjoy a streamlined experience from Easy Installation & Operation to Responding Quickly to Changing Markets.

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Effective and fast sampling shouldn’t be limited to a huge budget and a dedicated weaver team.  CCI’s Everdu-O is designed to make fabric sample production simpler and give customers more flexibility in their production planning.  One machine can efficiently finish Warping, Weaving, and even Drawing-in jobs.  CCI offers the quickest way to see the result of your design or produce the samples that your customers request urgently.

Everdu O

In addition, Everdu-O comes with a weaving width of 400 mm and a warping length of up to 2.2 m which is ideal for the quick production of woven samples any time within a studio, office, or factory floor. Designed with the mindset of reduced machine dimensions, the machine can blend perfectly into any working environment without space concerns. More features include the Minimum Cost Required for making a piece of the sample, Easy to Maintain with the easy-to-access doors, Plug n Play without the cost of installation service.


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