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Bright Star
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Bright Star manager Sarthi Sawhney answers some questions about the upcoming textile event heimtextil 2023 put to him by Senu of Textile South Asia. He also says that customers buying our products for their personal use. They are happy to inform them that now they can easily buy it from the comfort of their home on our website –

Textile South Asia – What is Bright Star showcasing at Heimtextil 2023?

Sarthi Sawhney – We are showcasing products in the categories of throws, plaids, bed covers, and decorative cushions. Our main expertise lies in cashmere, merino wool and its blends. We are reputed for our intricate designing capabilities and execution on jacquard looms. One can find more about us and see an overview of our unique products on our website –

Textile South Asia – How helpful is this event for your company from the sales and other aspects?

Sarthi SawhneyHeimtextil is the largest exhibition bringing customers from all scales of industries and all countries and regions. It provides a very good exposure and marketing opportunity of our factory and products.

Textile South Asia – What is the current status of the global textile industry?

Sarthi Sawhney – The industry is going through an unprecedented challenging time. Inflation, war, and the world economy are reducing disposable income in the hands of the end customer who will cut back spending on new textiles of bed linen, apparel etc.

Textile South Asia – How was the company’s performance in FY21-22?

Sarthi Sawhney – In 2021-22 was extremely good as it was the year in which we came back from covid, borders were opened and the world was looking back towards normalcy.

Textile South Asia – What are your plans to grow your business further in 2023? Approach for 2023

Sarthi SawhneyWe will be participating in more trade fairs, buyer seller meets.

Textile South Asia – What is your expectation on growth in textile manufacturing and exports from India after the Indian government’s increased focus on textile sector?

Sarthi Sawhney – There is a lot of work to be done to promote textile manufacturing and exports from India. Laws and policies from the central government go in one direction while there is a different direction by the state/ local governments and the overall execution. Every textile factory struggles with complicated and confusing legislation such as labor laws, customs regulations, building, and fire compliances, and time-consuming post-shipment documentation. The PLI scheme seems to benefit only those companies who can deploy large capital and are already well established.


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