Shima Seiki taking part at DTG 2023 — Hall 7, Stall 239

Shima Seiki
Flat Knitting Machines MACH2XS. Photo - Shima Seiki

SHIMA SEIKI, WHOLE GARMENT knitting technology is capable of producing knitted items in their entirety without the need for sewing, and allows for on-demand knitting. The seam-free nature of WHOLEGARMENT also ensures the continuity of yarn, allowing functional yarns such as conductive yarns to wrap around the entire body without interruption, for applications in smart garments and wearable technology. Demonstrating the latest in WHOLEGARMENT knitting technology at DTG will be the flagship MACH2XS machine that features the company’s original Slide Needle on 4 needle beds and patented spring-loaded full-time sinker system. Capable of WHOLEGARMENT knitting in all needles, MACH2XS offers great flexibility for knitting high-quality WHOLEGARMENT products with a seemingly endless variety of knit patterns at very high speed and efficiency, all while minimizing dependence upon labor-intensive sewing and linking.

Also shown will be the SWG091N2 compact WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine, also featuring Slide Needle technology. Capable of producing small knitted items from safety gloves and compression socks to more sophisticated industrial applications such as tubular shields and harnesses, SWG091N2 offers unique solutions for the automotive, aerospace, sports, medical, and safety, outdoor and other markets by knitting items in 3D without seams.

The N.SVR123SP computerized knitting machine features a special loop presser bed, capable of producing hybrid inlay fabrics with both knit and weave characteristics. Demand for such novel fabrics are very high across a wide range of applications, from fashion apparel to sportswear, innerwear, outerwear, uniforms and other functional clothing, as well as home furnishing and technical textiles. N.SVR123SP will also feature the special i-Plating option, capable of alternating yarn colors in any pattern, producing jacquard-like designs using plain jersey stitch. Plating can be performed within the same course and for individual needles. In combination with the loop presser and spring-type moveable sinker system even greater diversity in knit design is possible.

SHIMA SEIKI’s SDS-ONE APEX4 3D design system will also be available for demonstrations in design and simulation of various technical textiles. Of particular interest is its ultra-realistic simulation capability that realizes virtual sampling. When numerous variations must be evaluated before arriving at a final design, virtual product samples can be used to streamline the decision-making process by minimizing the enormous amount of time and cost normally associated with producing actual physical samples for each separation. The sustainability factor is also undeniable considering the amount of material normally gone to waste in the sampling stage.

Booth No:239    Hall No:7


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