FUZE Biotech Announces Strategic Communications Partnership with Formidable Media

FUZE Biotech
Photo - FUZE Biotech

Fuze Biotech, innovators in sustainable, antibacterial, and fast-drying fabric and surface finishes, is proud to announce the recent signing of a boutique marketing and communications agency Formidable Media.

Thanks to several new brand partnerships and a growing list of technology offerings, FUZE
storytelling is now more important than ever. Through this strategic partnership, FUZE is
now able to more fully reach an interested and growing audience as the brand continues
their rapid expansion into 2023 and beyond.

“As a materials and services provider, FUZE Biotech often operates somewhat behind the
scenes,” said Andrew Peterson, Chief Technical Officer with FUZE. “This partnership with
Formidable will help us gain exposure with brand decision-makers and the end users who
will purchase products from our partner brands. With our rapid expansion into 2023 already
underway, this partnership will help us achieve our ambitious growth goals.”

FUZE is a permanent, sustainable, chemical-free technology that can be applied to any
surface or textile. Preventing odor-causing bacteria and mold, encouraging rapid moisture
evaporation, cooling, and protecting against UVA and UVB are just some of the benefits.

FUZE Gold Illustration

Dedicated to sustainability, only a small amount of FUZE is applied during a light misting
process at either the factory or the consumer level, causing no harmful effects to you or the environment.

“FUZE is a perfect partner brand for us,” said Scott Kaier, Founder and President of
Formidable Media. “Our extensive work with materials and technology suppliers, plus our
expertise with consumer products, lends itself well to FUZE’s overall mission of awareness,
conversion, and growth. We look forward to working with them.”

With uses in hospitality, textiles, bedding, apparel, and footwear, FUZE spans a wide range of markets and applications. Using gold and silver particles sourced from recycled electronics, FUZE is chemical-free, non-polluting, and permanent.


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