Sharda Exports supports to Turkey’s earthquake victims

Sustainability, Fraternity, Humanity.

Sharda Exports

Sharda Exports are sending 500 wool rugs like these to Turkey as a small humanitarian support.

According to Aditya Gupta, CEO, Sharda Exports, “Very useful as a base layer on the floor or any surface to sit or sleep on. This is being coordinated via the Turkish Embassy in Delhi and thankful to my friend Byron Periera for connecting us to the cause. Thousands of such rugs are made by us each year to give away instead of selling the leftover yarns in the market. It helps generate extra income for weavers and avoids material wastage or reprocessing wastes which are not usually environment friendly.”

He also said, “We send out swatches to rural schools for instance where students use them for floor seating. We have sent in other flood or earthquake relief events, as well animal shelters regularly.”


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