Vietnam’s Bac Giang LGG Garment Corp joins ITMF as Corporate Member

Bac Giang LGG Garment Corp

After more than 50 years of establishment and development, Bac Giang LGG Garment
Corporation has expanded its scale and number of employees, becoming one of the leading
garment manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam. Currently, Bac Giang LGG Garment
Corporation has 6 factories with nearly 7,000 employees.

Mr. Christian Schindler, Director General of ITMF, stated that “the decision of Bac Giang LGG
Garment Corp. to join ITMF is much welcome as it strengthens the voice of the Vietnamese
textile and apparel industry at an international forum like ITMF. The textile value chains are
very long and complex and above all very international. It is important for companies to
understand the international dynamics and the evolution in this industry. Furthermore, it is
helpful to learn from each other and to build an international network across the value chain. Therefore, we are convinced that by joining ITMF both Bac Giang LGG Garment and all other members as well as the textile industry as such will benefit.”

Mr. Luu Tien Chung, CEO of Bac Giang LGG Garment Corp, commented that “an international forum like ITMF is unique as it comprises members from around the world and
from the entire textile value chain – from producers of fibres to those of finished products. In a global textile economy that has become more interconnected and that requires not only interaction with your direct suppliers and customers but also their suppliers and customers, it is important to be part of a platform like ITMF. More and more topics like compliance, traceability, sustainability, circularity, etc. require collaboration across all textile segments and across borders. Therefore, it is relevant to build an international network that offers also in-person meetings. ITMF offers just that”.

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