TENCEL and RCGD Global take sustainability to the center-stage with bespoke eco-couture at the Oscars®

Photo - RCGD Global

Lenzing’s flagship textile brand, TENCEL™, and RCGD Global (formerly known as Red Carpet Green Dress™) have joined hands for the fourth consecutive year to spotlight eco-couture at the 95th Academy Awards® (also known as “the Oscars®”). Adhering to this year’s Oscars® sustainable style guide, produced by RCGD Global, rising talents Bailey Bass and Chloe East showed up at the Oscars® red-carpet with bespoke sustainable occasion wear made of TENCEL™ branded fibers and TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn.

“This year, we celebrate our fourth endeavor to green up the Oscars® red carpet alongside RCGD Global. As one of the most-watched moments globally, red carpet fashion at the Oscars® is often regarded as a benchmark that has the tendency to propel global fashion trends. We hope that by giving sustainable materials a greater representation at the Oscars®, we can draw attention to the need to lower the environmental impact of the fashion industry. As the TENCEL™ brand pursues its goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, we will continue to collaborate with like-minded designers and brands, to encourage and inspire positive change in fashion. We hope that through our collective efforts, we can contribute to the establishment of a carbon neutral fashion industry in the coming decade,” said Harold Weghorst, Global Vice President of Marketing and Branding at Lenzing AG.

“It is an honor to be part of the Oscars® with our long-lasting partner TENCEL™. Oscars® Sunday is a very special date for us as we get to spread the word about our mission and work through our amazing ambassadors. Working closely with them, their designer and TENCEL™ allows us to discover what sustainability means to them and how they want to represent the message on the Red Carpet,” said Suzy Amis Cameron, Founder of RCGD Global.

“We are really excited to be at the Oscars® with TENCEL™ yet again and show that sustainability and occasion wear go in hand. It’s great to see sustainability receive more and more visibility at the Academy Awards, which is such a global platform. We hope our accessible and free Sustainable Style Guide will encourage more people to rethink their fashion choices and explore more conscious alternatives,” said Samata Pattinson, CEO at RCGD Global.

Bridging the divide between sustainability and high-end couture at the red carpet

This year, two custom-made gowns, created with bespoke fabrics made from TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn and TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers, have been featured on the red carpet of the Oscars®.

Bailey Bass, a rising star starring as Tsireya in the blockbuster and Oscar® nominated ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ made her Oscars® debut wearing a custom couture cream color halter gown made locally in New York City by designer Zac Posen. Created using only four cuts of fabric made with 100% TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn from Toyoshima & Co., Ltd. in Japan, the ethereal couture piece has an open-back with a bias cut and off the shoulder cuffed poet sleeves.

“It’s been a true honour to dress Bailey Bass for her first Oscars® in collaboration with RCGD Global and TENCEL™, who aim to shine a light and celebrate eco-couture on the red carpet. Bespoke has become the core of my business for the past few years, working to create unique pieces of art with true purpose! This very special gown was created using TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarns that are derived from sustainably sourced wood, offering a beautiful draped botanic alternative to silk,” said Zac Posen, founder of the Zac Posen brand.


Rising talent Chloe East, who starred in Steven Spielberg’s Oscars-nominated ‘The Fablemans’, graced the red carpet in a custom Monique Lhuillier gown with a dramatic elongated velvet bodice that was reimagined and customized from Lhuillier’s Fall 2019 Collection with an architectural A-line ball gown skirt, along with a black statement bow with sweeping ties made with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers.

“For Chloe East’s Oscar® look, I created a dramatic, sculptural modern ballgown using a vintage piece from my collection and reimagining a new skirt design, incorporating sustainable fabrics in the bow detail. Sustainability is something I am passionate about without compromising on design,” said Monique Lhuillier, founder of the Monique Lhuillier brand.


Leveraging the power of digital innovation for a more sustainable future, this year TENCEL™ and RCGD Global has also joined forces with Web3 innovators institute of Digital Fashion (IoDF) and CLO Virtual Fashion to create a bespoke digital version of Zac Posen’s custom couture gown for Bailey Bass, spotlighting the role of digital design technologies in addressing the pain points of physical fashion and event dressing and activating more environmentally conscious practices.

Derived from sustainable wood sources and produced using eco-responsible production processes, TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers and TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn are of 100% botanic origin and are fully biodegradable and compostable. Fabrics made with TENCEL™ fibers are naturally smooth, soft and breathable.

Regarded as an alternative to silk, TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn can be woven into a lightweight and luxurious fabric with silky smoothness, liquid-like drape and color vibrancy. Both TENCEL™ fibers and TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn are considered as the ideal sustainable alternative for designers and brands without compromising on luxury, quality or possibility.


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