Ventile Funds ‘Regenerative Agriculture’ to Drive Biodynamic Cotton Farming


Sustainable textile manufacturer Ventile has announced a joint venture with The Egyptian Biodynamic Association [EBDA], an organic and regenerative farming association to support Egyptian farmers in applying biodynamic cotton farming methods.

The joint venture aims will support EBDA, which has 2,380 farming members around Egypt, as they help conventional farmers convert to organic and biodynamic regenerative farming methods to produce cotton without the use of harmful, toxic inputs such as artificial fertilisers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Cotton sourced from biodynamic farming using sustainable methods helps to combat climate change, saves water, and contributes to a healthier life for farmers and their communities, end consumers, and livestock, adds Ventile.

Daniel Odermatt, brand director at Ventile, said in a statement: “From day one, our goals for Ventile have centred around our dedication to sustainability and the journey we are on as a company to do what we can to protect the environment. To have an opportunity to collaborate with an association such as the EBDA and to work directly with the source of cotton production is a vital step forward to achieving our goal of creating a traceable and transparent supply chain for Ventile.

“To be on this journey and to see first-hand the changes which are being implemented to farms and farming communities is invaluable and we’re very much looking forward to seeing how our partnership develops with the association over the coming months.”

Justus Harm, co-executive director of The Egyptian Biodynamic Association, added: “I am truly thankful and very excited to engage in the new cooperation with Ventile. This enables us as a local farmer association to invest in capacity building of regenerative agriculture for cotton production and improve the livelihoods and well-being of many more farmers and their communities in Egypt.

“When farmers are supported with the resources needed to transition to more sustainable and regenerative practices, we ensure that our planet’s finite resources will be used responsibly and that farmers will be able to grow and harvest high-quality cotton for generations to come.”


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