CIFRA presents the new warp knit seamless with sensil by nature

The new Fall Winter 2024 sportswear collection combines natural fibers like Merino wool with the latest sustainable yarns.

Photo - CIFRA

Naturally heat-insulating, hygroscopic, durable, and with an unmistakable hand, Merino wool is just as at home in sports and performance environments as it is in more traditional athleisure. Thanks to WKS technology and its use in blends with the latest technological and sustainable fibers, a new generation of design garments is born, representing a true evolution in sportswear and outdoor wear in general.

The B2B company, which manufactures exclusive custom knitwear in Italy using the patented Warp Knit Seamless technique, pushes real sustainability, exclusive and dedicated design, and a virtuous and traceable value chain for unique garments that sculpt the body and enhance performance in the highest possible comfort. Hi-tech tailoring that combines function and design.

Within this collection, Cifra introduces a world premiere as Warp Knit Seamless the SENSIL® ByNature yarn, the new premium nylon 6.6 fiber produced by Nilit. A revolutionary project that takes the concept of sustainability to the next level. Using a certified Biomass Balance (BMB) material, which BASF pioneered, this technology replaces part of the fossil raw materials with renewable ones.

Compared to conventional nylon yarn produced from fossil raw materials, in this approach, renewable resources, such as biogas derived from waste, are used as raw materials at the very early stages of the production process. The amount of bio-feedstock is then allocated to specific products sold through the certified method.

Through this ISCCplus-certified innovation, SENSIL® ByNature reduces greenhouse gas emissions and decreases dependence on non-renewable resources. Clothing made with SENSIL® ByNature fabrics offers consumers a meaningful way to help reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining exactly the same comfort, performance, and durability they expect and get from SENSIL® brand products today.


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