Mango Man once again joins forces with Antoine Griezmann to present its Spring/Summer 23 collection and its new brand concept

The footballer is the face of the proposals for the coming SS23 season and the ambassador of ‘Move Forward’, the new brand concept based on overcoming.

Mango Man
Photo - Mango Man

Mango Man has once again made a key signing: Antoine Griezmann is the new face of the brand to present its collection for this spring/summer. The French forward is a top-level global sporting icon whose acclaimed dress sense, values and authentic and relaxed air make him the ideal ambassador for the brand.

What’s more, his resilient and winning spirit also makes him the perfect partner to present Move Forward, the new Mango Man concept based on overcoming. With him, the company wishes to highlight the importance of not giving up and achieving, in order to fulfil one’s goals and overcome any obstacles that appear along the way in life.

The Mango Man Spring/Summer 23 collection accompanies this new concept. Created with versatile garments that can be worn at various occasions, the proposal is strongly aimed at the man who travels and needs pieces that adapt to his pace of life and offer him style and comfort. Relaxed-silhouette tailoring, summery shirts and Saharan jackets achieve the perfect look for the warmest season.

Consequently, linen and knitwear take centre stage in the collection and are accompanied by other fabrics such as seersucker, poplin and Tencel™ linen, a fibre that offers a more adaptable and even more fluid fit than traditional linen.

With regard to colours, the base of neutral, green and brown tones is enriched with a more summery and festive colour palette, featured in a broad selection of shirts, suits, knitwear and trousers.

And to accompany the journey, there is also an accessories proposal, ranging from sandals and comfortable espadrilles – essential for leisure moments – to various backpack and travel bag options.

Move Forward, the essence of Mango Man

Move Forward reflects the essence of Mango Man in accompanying the contemporary man in his daily challenges, so that he can offer the best version of himself and achieve whatever he sets out to do, thanks to garments made of technical materials with special fabrics.

Mango Man uses the example of Griezmann, whose spirit of achievement has been the force that has allowed him to overcome the different obstacles that have crossed his path, both personally and professionally. In the words of Antoine Griezmann: “Move Forward is an expression that represents my life and connects me to Mango Man, its values, its style and the characteristics of the garments”. He also pointed out that in difficult moments he has never given up: “After falling down, I have always got back up again, I have tried again and I have had the determination to look forward and pursue my next goal”.

To launch this new brand concept, Mango Man has produced a campaign based on showing in various emblematic locations in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid the negative comments the player has had to deal with throughout his career. All this aims to highlight how criticism has become a constant in our society, in any situation and even in moments of success.

The Mango menswear brand has a clear vocation to innovate in the fashion industry, distancing itself from classic and rigid stereotypes. Since 2014, Mango Man has incorporated technical characteristics in its garments, first in sportswear, before transferring this technique to everyday garments. Its innovations include Travel Suit, a collection that features resistant and flexible fabrics that prevent suits creasing and keep them impeccable all day long.

The Mango menswear line has more than 650 stores in over 90 countries, as well as an online presence in over 75 markets. Mango Man has previously counted on major talents in its campaigns, such as Gerard Piqué, Zinedine Zidane, Adrien Brody and Andrés Velencoso.


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