Univar Solutions enhances homecare & industrial cleaning sustainable ingredients portfolio with NOB166® anti-microbial boosters

Univar Solutions
Photo - Univar Solutions

Univar Solutions, a leading global solutions provider to users of specialty ingredients and chemicals, today announced another significant step forward in the Company’s journey to a more sustainable future with the addition of Ancor’s NOB166® boosters for detergent products to its homecare and industrial cleaning ingredients portfolio. The NOB166® range of anti-microbial laundry detergent additives are used in health care and industrial laundry and dry-cleaning services to prevent the depositing and proliferation of microorganisms that can accelerate odor and degradation of products.

“As global consumers become increasingly aware of the importance of protecting the environment and seek out sustainable solutions, it’s more important than ever for us to incorporate eco-friendly chemistries into our ingredient options for our customers,” said Aaron Lee, global vice president for Homecare & Industrial Cleaning at Univar Solutions. “The need to develop greener products that don’t compromise on efficacy has truly opened the door to a new generation of high-quality, sustainable ingredients and solutions. With that, we are delighted to announce our exclusive agreement to distribute NOB166 across Europe and North America, through our partnership with a supplier that shares our strong commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable development.”

In the homecare and industrial cleaning space, NOB166 boosters are combined with detergents and fabric softeners during the manufacturing process. They can be used on many fabrics, natural or synthetic, and are also effective in cold water washing, which can result in energy, time, and cost savings, and less pressure on electricity grids. In addition, NOB166 creates a biocidal action and imparts anti-microbial protection that lasts up to seven days, inhibiting the proliferation of microorganisms in textiles and helping to eliminate the need to wash fabrics daily, which can result in reduced hot water use, less water consumption in general, and reduced wear and tear on fabrics.

“We are excited to partner with Univar Solutions, an organization that shares our commitment to technology innovation and sustainable consumption and production patterns,” said Steve Vriethoff, sales, and sustainability manager for NOB166. “By collaborating in multiple regions, we can better serve customers who are looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs with our next-generation biocide solutions.”

Learn more about Univar Solutions’ high-performing cleaning products and innovative, sustainable solutions in homecare and industrial cleaning.


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