Unifi, makers of REPREVE®, announces fifth annual REPREVE® champions of sustainability awards

More than 90 global brand, textile, and retail partners recognized for sustainability achievements.

Photo - Unifi

Unifi Inc, makers of REPREVE® and one of the world’s leading innovators in recycled and synthetic yarns, today announced the recipients of its fifth annual REPREVE® Champions of Sustainability awards, which recognize brand, textile, and retail partners that have demonstrated a true commitment to supporting a more sustainable world. Key highlights from this year’s list of recipients include the following:

  • Nike and Target both reached a major milestone this year, each having transformed more than 2 billion recycled plastic bottles through the use of REPREVE fiber.
  • Polartec, Walmart, and Texhong Textile Group Limited have each transformed more than 1 billion bottles.

This year’s recipients have helped turn a combined total of nearly 14 billion recycled plastic bottles into more sustainable products.

Unifi’s REPREVE Champions of Sustainability awards will be presented to 39 brand and retail partners that have transformed 10 million or more recycled plastic bottles and 53 textile partners that have transformed 50 million or more recycled plastic bottles through the use of REPREVE performance fibers. Unifi also recognizes the following special category award winners:

“We are thrilled to announce the 2022 REPREVE Champions of Sustainability,” said Eddie Ingle, Chief Executive Officer of Unifi. “We applaud the demonstrated commitment to sustainability, which has allowed us to recycle more than 30 billion bottles to date.”

  • Special Recognition Award – Mavi, a Turkey-based international apparel brand with a strong reputation as a leader in the denim market and a focus on sustainability.
  • Newcomer Award – Jiaxing Xinran Textile Co., LTD, a China-based company that has incorporated REPREVE in spandex-covered yarns.
  • Partner in Innovation Award – Lucky Textile Mills Limited, a China-based textile mill that has created sustainable fabrics that perform in both hot and cold weather using REPREVE TruTemp365®.

“As a leading global denim brand, Mavi demonstrates REPREVE’s global reach,” said Bev Sylvester, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Unifi. “Consumers now expect brands to make products responsibly, which Mavi has capitalized on through their focus on sustainability. Jiaxing Xinran Textile Co., LTD, is a deserving winner of the Newcomer Award, while we chose Lucky Textile Mills Limited as the recipient of the Partner in Innovation Award for their use of REPREVE TruTemp365 in their performance products.”

A list of many of the award recipients can be found here.


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