Jeanologia promotes the growth of an efficient, water- and discharge-free at Bangladesh Denim Expo

16-17 May 2023, International Convention City, Bashundhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Jeanologia promotes the growth of an efficient, water- and discharge-free at Bangladesh Denim Expo

Jeanologia, a leading Spanish company in the development of eco-efficient technologies, will promote the growth of an efficient, water and discharge-free Bangladeshi textile industry at the Bangladesh Denim Expo from May 16th to 17th. (Booth 33)
The company reaffirms its commitment to the country to boost the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of its denim industry and reinforce its global leadership.

“The textile sector is a critical pillar of the Bangladeshi economy. At Jeanologia, we want to continue to drive its growth and transformation through disruptive technologies that improve its manufacturing efficiency and contribute to implementing more sustainable and competitive processes,” said Manuj Kanchan, Asia Manager at Jeanologia.


An automated, digital and sustainable textile industry

During the event, Jeanologia will demonstrate how it is transforming textile production centers in Bangladesh into Laundry5.Zero plants that make authentic and fashionable products possible at the lowest possible cost, both economically and environmentally.

These are advanced plants based on automation, digitalization and sustainability that enable zero-discharge, circular production with the best cost-per-garment thanks to the integration of its technologies.

“With the combination of our laser technologies, together with our G2 ozone, e-Flow, DancingBox and H2Zero water recycling system, we guarantee 85% savings in water, as well as zero discharge and zero pollution in garment finishing,” Kanchan summarized
He also mentioned other benefits of Laundry5.Zero, such as its cost-neutral application, time and expense reduction, and process simplification. They are also plants that allow production of the desired look in a scalable, agile and digital way, adapting to new market demands.

Atmos ushers in the era of Air in the textile industry

During the show, Jeanologia will also unveil Atmos, its revolutionary garment aging process which naturally pulls off an authentic vintage look using only air from the atmosphere, without the need for water, chemicals or pumice stones.

A process that signals the beginning of the Air age in the garment finishing industry by replacing traditional water washers with air washers. A new milestone in the textile industry, leading the way towards zero discharge and circular fashion through air washing.
Thanks to the combination of G2 ozone technology and its INDRA patented system, Jeanologia succeeds in achieving perfect temperature and humidity control to wear and age garments with perfect reproducibility and in a more efficient, safe, and sustainable way.
With this process, the company continues to contribute to the transformation of the Bangladeshi textile industry to position it as one of the most efficient and sustainable in the world; a contribution which Jeanologia initiated over 20 years ago.


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