New U.S. distribution partnership announced between Meevo Equipment & Display Source

MX Event +SEAS. Photo - Meevo
MX Event +SEAS. Photo - Meevo

Display Source, Inc. (DSI) is pleased to announce a new partnership with the equipment manufacturer MEEVO, Portugal.

Over the past two years, DSI has established a large regional presence in the Eastern United States, supplying REXframe SEG textile frame solutions and Xanita Print materials to the trade.

This new partnership brings the acclaimed SEAS (Silicone Edge Automated Stitching) system to the U.S. print industry through this Master Distribution Agreement for the first time since 2018, when MEEVO was awarded the SGIA Product of the Year award.

Executives at DSI are happy to join forces with the team from MEEVO to provide high-quality and high-output finishing solutions to printing companies of all sizes.

“If you are working to build your SEG business, the products and services DSI and now MEEVO provide, are vital resources to help you succeed”. Steve LaMarsh, Director, DSI, Atlanta.

The lack of skilled labor is among the biggest obstacles to growth for many PSP’s today. That is why productive automation and task simplification is vital to the success of large format printing businesses everywhere. This equipment will help you do more with the workforce you already have.

DSI’s distribution service meets the product needs of many in the visual display business.

By supplying the most popular products and services required by today’s demanding clients, DSI’s trade partners — many without the associated high capital investment costs — can satisfy those demands for cutting-edge display products and services.

Contact- Steve LaMarsh to arrange a demonstration or to hear more about this DSI/MEEVO partnership and also, please visit our websites: and –

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