Dockers partners with ace turtle to launch in India

ace turtle
Nitin Chhabra, Chief Executive Officer, ace turtle

ace turtle, new India’s leading technology-driven retail company today announced the launch of California casual lifestyle apparel brand Dockers® in the country. Introduced in 1986, the Dockers® brand sparked a revolution in the way millions of men dressed around the world, shifting from the standard issue suit to a more casual look. More than 30 years later, Dockers® embodies California style, bringing a full range of casual, versatile styles for men and women.

Commenting on the launch, Nitin Chhabra, Chief Executive Officer of ace turtle said, “We are excited to announce our long-term partnership with Dockers® in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Dockers® is a casual California lifestyle brand with a presence across the globe and we intend to leverage our unique technology-driven operating model and omnichannel commerce expertise to take Dockers® products to millions of Indian consumers through relevant online and offline channels. Our tech-enabled pan-India reach, data-driven approach, deep consumer understanding, and investment into the brand will aim to unlock new opportunities presented by the dynamic Indian fashion retailing market.”

Sharing the brand’s perspective, Dockers® Chief Executive Officer Natalie MacLennan said, “Dockers® has been on an exciting journey over the last few years in its evolution to become a more casual, everyday lifestyle brand, and we’re proud of how well the brand is resonating with consumers. As we build on this momentum, we’re thrilled to expand into new markets and increase our store presence and digital reach across the globe, specifically in Asia. Through our partnership with ace turtle, we’re eager to launch the Dockers® brand in India and leverage ace turtle’s omnichannel technology expertise to further penetrate the market.”


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