SCTI and TfS to collaborate in driving transformational change for the textile and leather industries

SCTI and TfS to collaborate
(R to L) Isabella Tonaco, Executive Director, SCTI and Alessandro Pistillo, Co-Chair of the TfS GHG Scope 3 emissions programme. Photo - SCTI/TfS

Sustainable Chemistry for the Textile Industry (SCTI) and Together for Sustainability (TfS) are teaming up to support and accelerate the leather and textile industry’s sustainability journey through sustainable chemistry. Together they will collaborate in driving convergence in standards and methodologies and inspire industry action for a better future.

SCTI is an alliance of leading chemical companies that strives to empower the textile and leather industries to apply sustainable, state-of-the-art chemistry solutions that protect factory workers, local communities, consumers, and the environment.

TfS is a member-driven initiative, raising Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards throughout the chemical industry. TfS members are chemical companies committed to making sustainability improvements within their own – and their suppliers’ – operations. TfS has also launched a comprehensive program to foster defossilization of chemical value chains, providing standardization tools to enable effective Scope 3 management based on primary data and launching the TfS Guideline to determine Product Carbon Footprint (PCF).

Both TfS and SCTI share the mission to drive transformational change, and intend to collaborate on advancing the industry’s sustainability goals, leveraging the TfS Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) program.

“SCTI grew out of a collective belief that sustainable chemistry has a defining role in the textile and leather industry’s shift to sustainability. Our new partnership with TfS is an important milestone in this journey. Through TfS’s well-established programs and tools, SCTI will benefit from some of the best practices, thereby accelerating our sustainability journey. This is the start of an exciting collaboration,” Isabella Tonaco, Executive Director, SCTI, said.

“TfS is a firm believer of cross-industry collaboration to achieve sustainable transformation. The Textile and Leather industry is a key industry sector making use of chemical raw materials. We share SCTI’s ambition and are thrilled to support its efforts in creating Scope 3 transparency and ultimately achieving its sustainability goals,” Alessandro Pistillo, Co-Chair of the TfS GHG Scope 3 emissions program, TfS, said.


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