Fashion and Textile industries set to witness major turning point at ITMA 2023 as digital production goes mainstream with Kornit Digital

Kornit Digital
Kornit Atlas MAX. Photo - Kornit Digital

Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in sustainable, on-demand digital fashionx and textile production technologies, announced today the Company is setting the stage for true industry transformation as digital production goes mainstream at ITMA 2023. Driving real change in fashion and textiles, Kornit will showcase its industry-leading solutions portfolio – delivering a complete digital transformation solution with on-demand production.

Industry Transformation – Today

On display is Kornit’s robust, on-demand fulfillment ecosystem – allowing fashion, sportswear, and home décor producers and brands to align for long-term product versatility, become more agile, and adopt greener production models without sacrificing quality or profitability.

“Trends such as nearshore and sustainable production that were once just buzzwords are now becoming entrenched as industry success metrics, yet producers and brands still struggle to transform vision into action,” said Ronen Samuel, Chief Executive Officer at Kornit Digital. “Kornit Digital directly answers surging industry demand for the highest-quality, sustainable, on-demand manufacturing at scale. Delivering real industry change and bringing the market to the next level, the world’s biggest brands can now thrive in a market where anything is possible, and consumers expect the world.”

Groundbreaking Product Introductions

At the center of this transformation is Kornit Apollo, offering high-throughput, on-demand garment decoration. Powering digital production at scale, the solution allows fulfillers and brands to succeed in a transforming marketplace. Fulfillers can accelerate agility, streamline production processes, and achieve advanced operational excellence, while brands benefit from more robust supply chains, dramatically streamlined operational models, and accelerated time to market.

The Apollo platform is built on customer-proven and industry-leading MAX technology, offering the highest retail quality combined with full automation control and integrated smart curing processes. It is the most versatile automated solution for digital, single-step, short- to medium-run decoration of garments at high volumes, ideal for nearshore and onshore production models. Customers can now achieve optimal total cost of ownership (TCO) and the highest output per operator at up to 400 garments per hour for any type of job.

Also displayed at ITMA 2023 is the new Kornit Atlas MAX PLUS the next generation of award-winning MAX technology – a faster, smarter, and exceptionally reliable digital decoration system incorporating both smart curing and automated garment sizing and calibration. Atlas MAX PLUS sets the standard for versatile, high-volume digital decoration on demand, with increased automation and XDi capabilities emulating 3D, screen, vinyl, threadless embroidery, and other graphic capabilities, for ready-to-wear retail-quality apparel and accessories in mere minutes.

The Company will also be featuring key enhancements for Kornit Presto MAX, injecting new levels of innovation into textile decoration. Designed to meet the requirements of fashion, home décor, and textiles, Presto MAX transforms virtual concepts into brilliant custom fabrics with industry-first capabilities of brilliant white printing on colored fabrics. These capabilities are now bolstered with enhancements to both look and hand-feel, a differentiator recently singled out for excellence by the 2023 EDP Innovation Award.

Kornit is also unveiling its NeoPigment™ Vivido ink set, achieving darker, deeper blacks and colors to establish new fashion standards with a pigment-based process. Kornit’s patented solution is a streamlined and completely dry process for the most sustainable fabric decoration.

A Unique, Immersive Experience and Extended Ecosystem

At ITMA 2023, Kornit will underscore its commitment to digitally transforming high-quality apparel, home décor, and other key textiles with a product portfolio making sustainable, on-demand manufacturing and operations possible and profitable. Visitors will experience the power of data-driven, connected smart manufacturing – supported by world-class software harnessing market data and enabling one-touch customer engagement, sale-to-shipment workflow management, and quality enhancements.

Visit Hall 7, Stand A303 at ITMA 2023 in Milan to take part in hands-on technology demonstrations, consultations with thought leaders, real-life customer success stories, and a fashion show conceived and executed using sustainable digital production capabilities exclusively.


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