Interview — Senthilkumar Swamynathan, Managing Director, SIMTA Machinery

Meet us at ITMA — Stand E304, Hall H3, 8-14 June, Milan Italy.

Senthilkumar Swamynathan Managing Director, SIMTA Machinery Private Limited. Photo - SIMTA
Senthilkumar Swamynathan Managing Director, SIMTA Machinery Private Limited. Photo - SIMTA

SIMTA is an innovative and inspiring entity and a group of integrated textile engineering enterprises promoted by Techno crates of Professional Excellence and Dedication. Textile South Asia talked with Senthilkumar Swamynathan, Managing Director of SIMTA Machinery to find out what his company is doing to remain competitive in such a challenging market.

Textile South Asia — Could you share with us the journey of SIMTA Machinery to date?

Senthilkumar Swamynathan — SIMTA Group of companies, a textile engineering entity started in the year 1992. Our products are the pioneer of the products that deliver the most efficient concept for varied applications in spinning mills wide over the world. Innovation and reliability have been the strengths that had backed SIMTA over the years.

SIMTA Spindle Tape was launched in the year 1992.

We launched Clearer Roller, a patented product in the year 2000. We are the OEM suppliers of Reiter, Marzoli, Zinser, Toyoda, KTTM. We are the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of Clearer Rollers all over the world.

After that, in the year 2002, we launched Overhead Travelling Cleaner (OHTC). More than 2,00,000 OHTC units for the Spinning & Weaving application across the continents is a Testimony to its Technology Superiority.

In the year 2009, we launched Bobbin Transport System, with the Joint Venture with Jacobi, Germany The weaving unit started in the year 2007 for industrial fabric
manufacturing, uPVC Window profiles started in the year 2012, Cop Sorter started in the year 2015, and Roving End Opening Machine started in the year 2017.

TSA – How is the current business scenario?

Senthilkumar Swamynathan — The current market scenario is a challenging one because of weak demand in garments and apparel, which led overall slackness in the Textile Value chain, We are able to sail through due to our 70% of productions are in the Exports and OEM.

TSA – What are the current products and solutions that you offer to the market?

  • Spindle Tapes
  • Clearer Roller & Clearer roller cleaning machine with Auto feeder
  • Overhead Traveling Cleaner (OHTC) for Spinning and Weaving
  • Bobbin Transport System (BTS)
  • Cop Sorter
  • Roving end opening machine
  • Cone transport system

TSA – What are the key market developments during the current year?

As sustainability and automation are the need of the hour, our solution is driven in the same direction to meet the market requirement.

TSA – What are the strengths of Simta Machinery?

  • Innovation
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Customise solution provider
  • Strong service backup

TSA – Have you made any significant investments or planned any major investments in 2023-24?

Continuous investment is part of our business growth strategy, which is being implemented on a regular basis.

TSA – What about your participation in ITMA 2023?

  • This is the 7th edition of ITMA 2023
  • We are displaying not only the products but also intellectual unique solutions for each customer.
  • We invite all visitors to Hall 03 – our Stall E304 to experience innovative textile machinery products and look forward to a successful event.


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