Kornit Digital locks in leadership with highly successful ITMA 2023, validates market readiness for mainstreaming digital on-demand production

Kornit Digital concluded a successful exhibition at ITMA 2023 with a high volume of engagement with new customers from around the world. Photo - Kornit Digital
Kornit Digital concluded a successful exhibition at ITMA 2023 with a high volume of engagement with new customers from around the world. Photo - Kornit Digital

Kornit Digital, a worldwide market leader in sustainable, on-demand digital fashionx and textile production technologies, announced today the Company successfully concluded its exhibition at ITMA 2023, experiencing high volumes of engagement with new customers from key regions, such as India, Turkey, China, Central and South America.

Hundreds of customers and prospects were immersed in demonstrations of Kornit’s innovative on-demand fulfillment portfolio. Driven by industry demand to accelerate time-to-market, create agile inventory management, and achieve the highest levels of sustainability, brands and retailers are now squarely focused on digitally transforming analog supply chains using proven Kornit technologies. As the industry reaches this anticipated inflection point, Kornit is firmly established as the partner of choice to power a shift from analog to sustainable on-demand production with maximum quality.

“Our firm strategy is to bring sustainable digital on-demand production to the mainstream, and our presence at ITMA Milan made clear this moment has arrived,” said Ronen Samuel, Chief Executive Officer at Kornit Digital. “Digitizing end-to-end fulfillment helps brands and suppliers take control of the supply chain, stabilize and scale operations, create winning consumer experiences, and make textiles a cleaner, more responsible industry. These trends point to even greater innovations to come from Kornit.”

With its industry-first vibrant new NeoPigment™ Vivido digital inks, the enhanced Kornit Presto MAX had a strong reception at ITMA. Also taking center stage was the much anticipated Kornit Apollo platform, which delivers on the industry need for automated, high-throughput digital on-demand garment decoration at scale. Built on tested Kornit MAX technology, the Apollo effectively brings sustainable digital production to the mainstream.

“Our Apollo system was welcomed at ITMA by an industry now realizing that digital is the only solution for making fashion and textile production sustainable, producing closer to the end consumer, eliminating problematic inventory, and delivering the highest quality without sacrificing profitability,” said Omer Kulka, Chief Innovation Officer at Kornit Digital. “Mainstream digital production is being fully embraced to preserve and grow business channels in a digitally transforming world. Our success at ITMA 2023 clearly demonstrates that Kornit is the industry leader offering the only proven solution for companies to navigate stringent sustainability mandates, align supply with demand, and increase margins under any conditions.”

To catch a glimpse of Kornit’s successful showcase and experience the excitement, please see the Company’s ITMA 2023 show recap. For greater insights regarding the technology innovations Kornit unveiled during the exhibition, please refer to the press release the Company issued on June 8, 2023.


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