Baldwin Technology launches “Magical” Guardian PQV 4.0 print inspection system

New Wizard-iQ interface ushers in new era with greater automation and precision

Baldwin Technology
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The print industry’s best inspection system just got better with the launch of Baldwin’s Guardian PQV 4.0. The already-robust technology is now upgraded with advanced automation, micrometer inspection precision and its new Wizard-iQ Interface.

Building on the success of Guardian PQV 3.0, the new system offers three substantial upgrades to enable operators — through the simplified access to newly automated advanced and powerful features – to enhance efficiency, and boost productivity.

  • Wizard-iQ is the new printing inspection software companion that takes the complexity out of printing jobs. With the most comprehensive interface on the market, the Wizard-iQ can set up a repeatable process with a few simple clicks, lowering the barrier of entry for new employees.
  • PQV 4.0 allows printers to automate more than ever before. With automated-Delta-E color monitoring, cutting-edge barcode recognition and sensitivity and lighting presets, PQV 4.0 takes the legwork out of monotonous automation setups.
  • PQV 4.0 boasts micrometer inspection precision, providing clear and detailed mapping and reporting. The state-of-the-art camera systems offer both single- and dual-sided 100% print quality inspection for any application.

“It’s called the Wizard-iQ because, much like all of Guardian PQV 4.0, it is designed to work like magic to keep printers profitable and competitive,” said John Cusack, business development manager for Baldwin Vision Systems. “Years of close client collaboration and advanced engineering have gone into its creation.”

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We’re off to see the Wizard-iQ

The Wizard-iQ features new commands and functions that allow for efficient, time-saving setups so operators can create inspection jobs in no time. The comprehensive, all-in-one interface allows immediate access to enter job parameters or to simply recall a previously run job in seconds.

Additionally, Wizard-iQ does all the work upfront, making project configurations as quick and easy as possible. 

Wave a magic wand with the brand-new ‘Copy All’ Function,” said Cusack. “The user only needs to set up on a single label – then simply click ’Copy All’ and the setup is automatically applied to all others within the job.”

Finally, Wizard-iQ boasts a UX-optimized color theme for efficient navigation and improved usability The modernized, intuitive UI places more emphasis on the product images and defects as they occur, ensuring issues are understood and can be addressed quickly.

All-seeing automation

PQV 4.0 optimizes automation. With automated-Delta-E color monitoring, cutting-edge barcode recognition, and sensitivity and lighting presets, PQV 4.0 takes the legwork out of monotonous automation setups.

Auto-∆E Color Monitoring leverages AI to find all valid color measurement locations within any image, consistently and repeatably for fast and rigorous Delta-E color analysis. With Auto-Barcode functionality, barcodes are automatically found, classified and trained.

Another feature is the Reusable Master Image. This allows the originally approved reference image to be used any time a given product is run, ensuring complete fidelity to brand owner requirements. Finally, Sensitivity Presets enable users to save and load custom PQV sensitivity presets.

Defeating defection

PQV 4.0 is meticulously developed for inspecting challenging applications including currency, banknote, security and pharmaceutical.

Object-Based Inspection ensures that all features in any job are automatically identified and appropriately toleranced to optimize inspection and avoid false defections.  Any non-critical differences or unavoidable defects can be learned by the system to focus only on issues that matter. Its Auto-∆E Color Monitoring measures color everywhere, automatically, requiring no operator input or training. Furthermore, operators can spot trends or repetitive issues and make adjustments in real time.

“At Baldwin, we remain committed to the printing industry by developing technologies that equip printers with the tools to help them be more efficient, more profitable and more sustainable,” Cusak summed up. ”PQV 4.0 is just the latest advancement and exemplifies how we work with our customers to meet their needs for current and future success.”

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