Textile machinery manufacturer Mayer & Cie. draws positive balance on ITMA 2023

Mayer & Cie. team and agents at their traditional get-together. Photo - Mayer & Cie
Mayer & Cie. team and agents at their traditional get-together. Photo - Mayer & Cie

From circular knitting machines and braiders via upgrades to digital solutions, Mayer & Cie. presented at ITMA 2023 a wide range of solutions that make circular knitting machines and braiding machines even more durable and thereby more valuable, for which the long-established firm received a most positive visitor response. Mayer & Cie. is confident that its comprehensive (digital) approach will enable it to maintain and extend its leading position in the market. So, the company’s verdict on the trade fair was accordingly very good to good.

From machinery manufacturer to solution provider

Three circular knitting machines – a Relanit 3.2 HS, an SF4-3.2 III, and the OVJA 2.4 EM – and an MR-15/18C/Single Deck braiding machine took up about half the floor space of Mayer & Cie.’s ITMA stand. That reflected the weighting of the trade fair presentation. Along with high-tech circular knitting and braiding products the Mayer & Cie. focus at this year’s ITMA was on solutions that increase the value and durability of its machines.

They were, in particular, the digital platform knitlink, the new Control 5.0 machine control system, the camera-assisted error recognition system knithawk, almost a dozen upgrade kits for existing machines, and the new oiler system Senso Blue RS.

“We had an extremely wide range of exhibits at ITMA this year and were able to show our visitors much that was new, especially in the areas of digitization and service, upgrade kits in particular,” said Mayer & Cie. Managing Partner Benjamin Mayer. “Our approach, that of giving existing machines a longer and sustainable life,” he added, “was seen and welcomed by our visitors as making sense.”

Trade fair debut for Mayer & Cie. braiding machine

Mayer & Cie. exhibited a braiding machine at ITMA for the first time. The company has integrated the braiding division at is Albstadt headquarters since 2019. “Braiding machines are a part of textile machinery,” said Benjamin Mayer, “but we nevertheless saw presenting the MR-15/18C/SD braider at ITMA as an experiment – and are satisfied with the result. The machine attracted a great deal of attention and we were able to make interesting contacts.”

A positive conclusion on ITMA 2023

Benjamin Mayer, Managing Director, Mayer & Cie.
Benjamin Mayer, Managing Director, Mayer & Cie.

Expectations of this year’s ITMA were moderate, Benjamin Mayer said. “War, high energy prices, inflation, and recession are the signs of the times. Not even an ITMA is going to change that.” In addition, there had been serious problems with the issue of visas that had made it impossible for many potential visitors to attend the trade fair.

The Mayer & Cie. management therefore judged its success not by the general demand but by the positive visitor feedback. “For us that was an indicator of our future competitiveness,” said CEO Benjamin Mayer, “and we can definitely be sure of that with our developments.” So, Mayer & Cie.’s verdict on ITMA 2023 is very good to good.

A remarkable team performance

“That we were able to present such a wide range of innovations at ITMA testifies to our team’s high level of competence and commitment,” Benjamin Mayer said. “We thank all of our colleagues for their input before, during, and after the fair.”


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