Sapphire Textile Mills joins Sourcery’s direct-to-grower programme

Sapphire Textile Mills
Photo - Sapphire Textile Mills

Sapphire Textile Mills, a leading textile manufacturer in Pakistan renowned for its premium quality products and global exports, has taken a momentous step towards fostering sustainability and traceability in the global textile sector. Embracing the vision of advancing commercial and environmental excellence, Sapphire has partnered with Sourcery, the full-service global sourcing solution, joining their transformative Direct-to-Grower™ Programme.

Through its Direct-to-Grower™ Programme, Sourcery connects brands, manufacturers, and growers in a commercially neutral ecosystem, enabling transparent, fair, and efficient transactions at all stages of the value chain, from fibres to finished goods. By joining this programme, Sapphire seeks to cement its commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainable practices in the textile industry ensuring that the products it produces and sells meet the highest level of quality, integrity and social and environmental impact.

“Sapphire Textile Mills is thrilled to embark on this strategic partnership with Sourcery,” said Nabeel Abdullah, COO at Sapphire Textile Mills. “Through this collaboration, we aim to revolutionize the way we source raw materials and build a more sustainable and traceable supply chain. Our combined efforts will empower growers, strengthen local communities, and promote eco-friendly practices across the textile sector.”

The Direct-to-Grower™ Programme is rooted in the belief that manufacturers play a pivotal role in driving the industry forward as they possess the knowledge, skills and innovation to solve the textile industry’s most vexing commercial and sustainability challenges. With Sapphire taking the lead as a leading supplier for home and non-denim materials, including yarn and fabric, this partnership will extend to other strategic manufacturers in Pakistan, solidifying Sourcery’s unique position to drive market transformation at scale.

“Sourcery is excited to have Sapphire Textile Mills on board as a key partner in our Direct-to-Grower™ Programme,” stated Crispin Argento, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Sourcery. “Already, Sapphire has proven itself as a leader in sustainability, and with this partnership, they again will lead the transformation of trade for good.” Using Sapphire’s expertise and reputation in the textile industry and Sourcery’s unique position as an innovator and trade facilitator,  together we will create a more ethical and environmentally responsible textile sector that truly benefits people and the planet.

As part of the programme, Sourcery will work closely with Sapphire and cotton growers to establish direct sourcing relationships, full visibility to the farm and drive clear demand signals to ensure growers are recognised and rewarded for advancing both commercially and environmentally.  By streamlining the supply chain and promoting direct trade, Sourcery aims to offer a transparent and secure solution for sustainable sourcing, thereby encouraging more growers to adopt responsible practices.

Moreover, the partnership between Sapphire and Sourcery extends beyond Pakistan, with plans to expand the Direct-to-Grower™ Programme to include growers from Brazil, Australia, East Africa, and other regions. This global outreach will provide Sapphire with access to diverse and traceable fibre sources, ensuring a steady supply of environmentally friendly raw materials in the seasons to come.

The collaboration between Sapphire and Sourcery signifies not only a strategic partnership but also a shared commitment towards a sustainable future for the textile industry. By joining the Direct-to-GrowerTM Programme, Sapphire Textile Mills will play a pivotal role in Sourcery’s mission of transforming trade for good, driving positive change, and paving the way for a more sustainable and transparent global textile sector.


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