Loepfe Brothers — Reliable performance and less maintenance with YarnMaster EOS

Loepfe Brothers
Photo - Loepfe Brothers

Loepfe’s customer Shandong Dezhou Lan Tian Textile Co. Ltd. from China has chosen the Loepfe YarnMaster EOS rotor yarn clearer and has been using it for various applications with consistently good results. The customer mainly processes Ne 5 – 35 polyester cotton, viscose, and similar yarns. YarnMaster EOS has proven to be a dependable solution that meets the customer’s high standards in terms of efficiency and quality.

“The decisive factor for YarnMaster EOS was the reliable performance and fewer required maintenance compared to other options we considered.” Said Mr. Tian, Equipment Director at Shandong Dezhou Lan Tian. “YarnMaster EOS significantly contributes to improving our production efficiency through its accurate cutting capabilities. The precision of the system ensures that each cut is executed precisely as intended, reducing errors and waste. This leads to improved overall productivity and cost-effectiveness in manufacturing processes.”

Support for the daily challenges thanks to a simple operation

One feature that Mr. Tian really likes about YarnMaster EOS is the control unit, which is easy to navigate, presents information like yarn classification data, and provides online yarn quality monitoring in a simple and user-friendly manner. This makes it easier for the team to operate and interact with the system. YarnMaster EOS supports Mr. Tian day-to-day by providing a valuable feature: the ability to identify a faulty rotor directly from the control unit (LZE-V). This functionality saves time and effort, allowing the customer to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise.


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