The EMPEL textile finish now proves C6 and water based CØ DWR finishes obsolete

Recent test results from the Haartz Corporation confirm GTT’s PFAS-free EMPEL platform delivers the most efficient system for water repellent textiles

EMPEL textile, Green Theme Technologies (GTT),
Photo - Green Theme Technologies (GTT)

Green Theme Technologies (GTT), creators of the PFAS-free and waterless EMPEL textile finishing platform, is rendering current PFAS-containing C6 and water-based Cø water repellent finishes obsolete. Cleaner, more durable, and better performing, EMPEL is the best option for the environment and consumer brands.

Recent competitive product testing by The Haartz Corporation showed how textiles treated with the EMPEL water-repellent technology absorbed about ⅓ the amount of water compared to the best Cø and C6 water-repellent market solutions. Equally impressive, EMPEL kept water from passing through the fabrics WITHOUT the use of a membrane. Using the same woven textiles for testing in a ten-minute rain test, only 2mL of water passed through the EMPEL-treated fabrics compared to 325mL from the Cø and C6 competition.

“We have a product that will revolutionize what consumers can expect from their clothing.  Brands and Mills can now make fabrics that protect people from the elements without using hot and stiff rain jackets with membranes,” said Martin Flora, VP of Business Development for GTT. “EMPEL keeps the fabric dry on the surface and keeps the water on the outside of your clothing and shoes. Add in our 50+ wash durability, and you have a product that will allow people to keep their gear much longer without buying new replacements. The most sustainable products use safe chemistry (PFAS -Free) and work for many years in the future.”

Haartz is a global leader in highly engineered and uniquely designed textile materials in a variety of markets, including home furnishings, automotive textiles, military materials, and footwear fabrics.  Their expertise in R&D and the commercialization of new products gave them the ability to prove the efficacy of EMPEL with excellent internal testing capabilities.

“EMPEL delivers the best performance without the use of forever chemicals or water. We have installed the machinery and commercialized the process as we continue to explore applications for EMPEL,” Matt Williams the VP at Haartz confirmed.


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