Mango shuts down e-commerce marketplace

One of the well known Spanish fashion company in the textile foray


Mango, a prominent Spanish fashion company, initially ventured into the world of multi-brand e-commerce. After two years of operation, the company has opted to discontinue its multi-brand e-commerce marketplace. With the inclusion of Intimissimi’s goods in 2021, Mango made its first foray into the world of multi-brand e-commerce.

A year later, the firm followed suit by including Rituals in its lineup. At that time, many fashion firms were exploring the marketplace model to “expand the commercial and service offerings to their customers.”

Mango said, “The company has decided not to continue offering these complementary brands to its offering with the aim of further enhancing its proprietary sales channel and technological capabilities to provide better customer experiences.”

Initially, the marketplace was launched in six markets, including Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and France. Mango placed great significance on its online channel, constituting 36% of its business in the last fiscal year.

According to the company, in the first half of 2023, its e-commerce operations grew by 10% compared to the same period in the previous year, with the mobile application being the platform that witnessed the most notable increase in revenue.

At the close of the fiscal year, the brand had a presence in 115 markets, employing various commercial formats.


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