Santoni announced the aquisition of Terrot

A leading German knitting machinery manufacturer, Aiming to reshape a new ecological pattern

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Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machine Co., Ltd., wholly owned by the Italian Ronardi family, recently announced that it will acquire the leading circular knitting machine in Chemnitz, Germany. Machine manufacturer Terrot Corporation. This move is aimed at accelerating the realization of Santoni (Shanghai)’s long-term vision of reshaping and consolidating the circular knitting machine industry ecosystem. Currently, the acquisition is proceeding in an orderly manner.

According to a report released by market research firm Consegic Business Intelligence in July this year, thanks to consumers’ increasing preference for breathable and comfortable knitted fabrics and the increasingly diversified demand for functional knitted clothing, from 2023 to 2030, The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the global circular knitting machine market will reach 5.7%. As the world leader in the field of seamless knitting machine manufacturing, Santoni (Shanghai) has seized this market opportunity and formulated the strategic goal of building a new knitting machinery industry ecosystem around the three development directions of innovation, sustainability and digitalization; and Through this acquisition, we seek to further strengthen the synergistic ecological advantages of integration and scale and promote the sustainable development of the global knitting machinery industry.

Mr. Gianpietro Belotti, CEO of Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machine Co., Ltd., said: “The successful integration of Germany’s Terrot and its well-known Pilotelli brand will help Santoni expand its product portfolio more quickly and efficiently. Terrot’s leading Our technical strength, broad product range and extensive experience serving customers around the world will add to each other’s strong knitting machinery manufacturing businesses. It is great to be able to work hand in hand with a partner who shares our vision. Excited. We look forward to building a groundbreaking industry ecosystem with them in the future and fulfilling our commitment to providing customers with new knitting manufacturing services.”

“For Santoni, we do not regard textile machines as just isolated production units, but as an important part of a more complete and integrated industrial ecology that the brand strives to create. Relying on Santoni’s century-old technology accumulation and Continuing digital innovation, we are committed to enabling the full flow of production factors in the value chain and closely connecting them with the entire industry chain, ultimately forming a synergy to output more comprehensive technical solutions and product portfolios to meet the multi-level needs of end customers. Demand. The powerful combination with Terrot is expected to accelerate our vision of realizing the innovative integration and upgrading of the industry’s ecology.” Mr. Gianpietro Belotti added.

Mr. Robert Czajkowski, General Manager of Terrot, pointed out: “The introduction of strategic investors will help maintain and strengthen Terrot’s position as the preferred solution provider for many of the world’s leading textile manufacturers and top brands, continue to cooperate with experienced technical talents, and expand core technology innovation strength, allowing the international competitiveness of ‘Made in Germany’ to continue. As a partner, we are very optimistic about Santoni’s strong strength and global resources, its clear commitment to product quality and performance, and the various segments of circular knitting. Continuous cultivation of excellent technology. The in-depth cooperation between the two parties is expected to further unleash the unique value and potential of Terrot’s product portfolio and help us achieve our growth goals together.”

Mr. Dirk Lange, co-general manager of Terrot, also firmly believes that Santoni is a strong partner that can help it realize the future value of the enterprise. He said: “As a textile machinery manufacturer with a long tradition of 160 years, Terrot is standing at a new starting point for development. Under the guidance of the new strategic goals, we will join hands with Santoni to open the next chapter of success.”

Both parties are confident about future cooperation and development opportunities, and look forward to leveraging strategic synergy and resource integration in key links such as production, procurement, innovative technology, sustainable development, software and digitalization, and further deepening cooperation in China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Central Asia. It has many important textile bases in the world such as Asia, Mediterranean countries and Latin America, creating excellent value for the global textile and apparel industry chain and related enterprises.


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