Sourcery introduces ten new spinners in India who joined its Direct-to-Grower programme

Photo - Sourcery

Sourcery today welcomed ten (10) leading spinning mills and vertical manufacturers for apparel, denim and home textiles into its Direct-to-Grower Programme as Provisional Partners. These Partners, which include Markwell Spinning, Thiagarajar Mills, RSB Cottex, Leaspin Textiles, Sustainable Spinning & Commodities, L.S. Spinning Mills, S.A.AANANDAN MILL, Bio Spun, Bio Spinning and one additional manufacturer who chose to remain confidential, have been selected out of over 100 applicants based on their commitment to quality, transparency, fairness and efficiency in trade. These new Partners, with a spinning capacity of over 400,000 spindles, have made minimum volume commitments on fibre to Sourcery’s Grower Partners, committing to transforming trade for good and driving demand in the market with Direct-to-Grower Partners throughout the entire cotton value chain.

One of the primary benefits of joining the Direct-to-Grower Programme as a Provisional Partner is that Sourcery’s commercial teams worldwide drive demand to these Partners on yarn and fabric sales without charging a commission fee while also supporting them with securing their fibre from our Grower Partners in a more transparent, fair and efficient manner. This not only means substantial potential cost savings for these Partners compared with traditional buying and sales approaches, it means being able to more confidently offer and sell products with the quality, integrity, traceability and verified impact at the farm level that is required by brands and retailers to ensure compliance to new international trade and ‘greenwashing’ legislation in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Through the Direct-to-Grower Programme, these Provisional Partners are already receiving inquiries on yarn and fabric from Sourcery’s Brand, Manufacturing and Trade Partners around the world.

“Many of these spinners are not well known outside of India, but among the top textile engineers and buying teams in India they are considered best in class in terms of quality, consistency and value.”,  says Amey Padma, Commercial Trade Director at Sourcery. “Like our Grower Partners, they too can now receive the recognition and reward they deserve from consumers, brands, manufacturers, which is all possible through Direct-to-Grower.”

These Provisional Partners will undergo a year-long engagement with Sourcery and will be fully onboarded into the Direct-to-Grower Programme as they meet their sourcing commitments and continue to demonstrate their commitment to commercial and environmental excellence. Once they become full Manufacturing Partners, they will be among the first to experience Sourcery’s next phase of Direct-to-Grower with the launch of its much-anticipated Impact and Assurance Programme, bringing to the market unmatched transparency, authenticity, and trust to the cotton trade using verified primary data that is collected for each individual grower enrolled in the Direct-to-Grower Programme.

“We are confident that this programme will shift the impact paradigm not only for cotton, but for all sustainable agriculture in terms of the fidelity of the data collected at the farm level.”,  says Crispin Argento, Managing Director of Sourcery. “Through our Sourcery Connect App powered by Bluenumber, Sourcery puts the power of verified primary data into the hands of growers, giving the sector the needed assurances to make commitments and the growers a clear and compelling business case to grow cotton more sustainably and  finally be recognised and rewarded.”

Sourcery has extended this Provisional Partnership Programme in India through to the end of March 2024 inviting up to ten (10) additional spinners and vertical manufacturers to join without any upfront financial commitment in exchange for making purchasing commitments to Sourcery’s Grower Partners.

You can register for Sourcery’s Provisional Partnership here.


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