The Registration Channel for the 2024 (19th) Guangzhou International Textile, Clothing and Printing Industry Expo(ITCPE) is officially open!

Photo - Allallinfo Group
The ITCPE 2024 will undergo yet another round of enhancements!!!Photo - Allallinfo Group
The ITCPE 2024 will undergo yet another round of enhancements!!!
Photo – Allallinfo Group

For nearly two decades, the HK Allallinfo Group has proudly hosted the Guangzhou International Textile, Clothing and Printing Industry Expo(ITCPE). Throughout this journey, we have shouldered the responsibilities of numerous exhibitors and spectators, exceeding expectations with each successful exhibition. Leveraging our extensive event organization experience and the professionalism of our team, we have consistently exceeded goals, facilitating access to industry leaders, cutting-edge technologies, and valuable business opportunities. Join us at the 19th edition of this highly anticipated event, and witness the power of professional expertise driving the future of textiles, clothing, and printing!

To meet the evolving needs of textiles, dressmaking, printing, and dyeing, and to respond to the needs of exhibitors and spectators, the organizing committee of ITCPE has opened the registration and investment channels for the 2024 Guangzhou (19th) International Textile Clothing and Printing Industry Expo in advance.

Larger Scale

2Significant area increases will register in the 2024 Guangzhou International Textile, Clothing, and Printing Industry Expo. 15,000 sq m acreage expansion, the addition of the third exhibition hall, and the exhibition scope enlargement will bring the exhibition more high-tech surroundings and added value. The debut of more than 10,000 exhibits enriches its visibility.

More Exhibitors4

Among participating exhibitors, there are more than 1,000 quality enterprises with the reputations of High and New-tech Enterprises and specialized, high-end and innovation-driven SMEs.

More Spectators

Invitations have expanded to include over 60,000 professional visitors online and offline. One-on-one invitations boost purchasing power and conversion rates.



  1. Four Sub-exhibitions
  •  Textile Printing Industry Technology Exhibition.
  • Intelligent Sewing and Embroidery Industry Technology Exhibition.
  • International Printing, Dyeing, and Finishing Technology Exhibition.
  • Clothing Fabrics and Accessories Exhibition

2. Exhibition Scope

  • Textile Printing Machines – Inkjet digital printing system, Fully automatic/semi-automatic/manual printing machines, heat transfer equipment, steaming machines, stretching machines and other finishing equipment, Flatbed and rotary printing machines, laser engraving and cutting equipment, printing plates conveyor system, etc
  • Textile Dyeing Machines and Accessories – Pre- and post-treatment equipment for printing and dyeing, Dewatering and drying equipment, Sizing systems, Printing and dyeing waste gas and water treatment systems, etc.
  • Embroidery Machines – Single-needle embroidery machines, multi-needle/super multi-needle embroidery machines, garment computer embroidery machines, Embroidery-making system and embroidery software, CNC system and components, etc.
  • Intelligent Sewing Machines – Sewing machines, CNC and drive systems, fabric cutting/stretching/ironing/finishing equipment, hanger systems, packaging equipment, laser equipment, automated garment production line solutions, etc.
  • Apparel Fabrics and Accessories – Various types of clothing fabrics, functional/sportswear fabrics, pattern designs, transfer films, rhinestones/appliques/sequins, glitter, etc.
  • Materials for Textile Printing – Printing dyes, coatings, adhesives, water-based inks, heat-set inks, inks, pastes, thickeners, and other printing auxiliaries
  • Related Software – CAD systems, 3D body measurement software, 3D virtual fitting software, 3D smart design systems, etc.
  • Chemical and Auxiliaries Used for Dyeing – Various dyes, pre- and post-printing and dyeing treatment agents, etc.
  • Customization – Fabrics and accessories, blank T-shirts, patterns and designs, e-commerce platforms, equipment suppliers, etc.
  • Others – Plate-making equipment, silk screen, photosensitive adhesives, equipment and material concerning heat/transfer, various patents, technologies and software related to textile printing, professional newspapers, magazines and media, etc.

3. Date and Address

  • Date: May 20, 2024-May 22, 2024
  • Address: China, Guangzhou, Poly World Trade Center

4. Multi-channel Publicity

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5. Our Cooperative Partners


A Retrospect of ITCPE 2023

Now, the recruitment channel for the 2024 ITCPE has been opened, and you are just one registration away from a great business opportunity! Click for more details: or mail us at:


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