Fashion for Good using AI sorting for re-wearable textiles

Wearable textiles getting up in waste streams or landfills by growing Sorting for Circularity Europe


Fashion for Good, an innovation platform located in Amsterdam, is extending its Sorting for Circularity Europe framework with an 18-month project that tests sorting solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to overcome the difficulties associated with sorting for re-wearable textiles.

Fashion for Good is making an effort to address the rising issue of wearable textiles getting up in waste streams or landfills by growing Sorting for Circularity Europe.

The project revealed that although Near Infrared (NIR) technology is currently capable of identifying the composition of clothing, re-wearability evaluation is still primarily done by hand.

Also, this project will test automated sorting technologies employing machine learning and artificial intelligence to collect crucial product information, including colour, style, garment type, and quality.

The data will aim to empower sorters and brands to make informed decisions, optimizing the flow of textiles and maximizing their value potential.

A thorough report detailing the project’s outcomes will be produced, together with an implementation schedule and business case for assistance. Decisions on investments in repair facilities, infrastructure, and circular business models (CBM) are aided by this data.

Marieke Koemans-Kokkelink, Head of sustainability at Erdotex said, “With this project, we hope to clarify the myths and half-truths on post-consumer waste dumping, but also salvage those by understanding the processes and journeys these garments travel. Then we can reach true circularity.”


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