Browzwear extends its library of colors to empower 3D fashion workflows with Color Atlas by Archroma


Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, and Browzwear, a pioneer of 3D digital solutions for the fashion industry, have expanded their partnership to bring the complete Color Atlas by Archroma library of colors to Browzwear’s VSticher, Lotta and Stylezone platforms.

Designers will now have access to a total of 5,760 color references, with 1,440 colors for polyester added to Browzwear’s existing color library of 4,320 Color Atlas colors for cotton poplin. This will support them to collaborate across the entire supply chain, ensuring color consistency from digital design to production for cotton, polyester and blends.

Crucially, the color references in the Color Atlas by Archroma have been formulated to comply with leading international eco-standards, allowing designers to select dyes and finishes that meet their desired sustainability profile. Each color is available as a physical color standard that includes precise dyeing recipes and compliance data, as well as access to expert technical support from Archroma around the world.

“With the industry’s largest color library at their fingertips, the Browzwear community is being further empowered to embrace end-to-end digital workflows and bring more transparency, sustainability and collaboration to the fashion industry,” Lars Villumsen of Browzwear, said. “We are pleased to continue to partner with Archroma to bridge the gap between fast and efficient digital processes and physical product creation.”

“The ongoing digital transformation of the fashion industry is an opportunity for brands and independent designers to streamline the design process. With tools from Browzwear and the 5,760 colors in the Color Atlas library, they are supported to take their designs from concept to creation without compromising their creative vision or sustainability principles,” Chris Hipps of Archroma Color Management, said.


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