Archroma introduces ALBAFIX ECO PLUS, a unique state-of-the art wet-fastness improver for long-lasting colors without compromise

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Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, has developed a new wet-fastness improver that helps brands and mills produce durable clothing, towels, linens and other textile products with long-lasting colors without compromising on quality or introducing hazardous chemicals.

ALBAFIX ECO PLUS is a next-generation fixing agent that delivers the strongest possible wet-fastness for all reactive dyes on cotton and other cellulosic fibers and polyester-cotton blends. It will not change the shade of the dyed fabric or negatively impact light-fastness. The breakthrough product also avoids production challenges – such as foaming, acid hydrolysis and migration problems during drying – to promote efficiency and quality output.

Crucially, ALBAFIX ECO PLUS complies with global eco-standards and initiatives, including Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), bluesign and the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Roadmap.

“With ALBAFIX ECO PLUS, brands and mills can achieve the strongest possible wet-fastness on cellulose fibers without the drawbacks associated with traditional fixing agents for reactive dyes. This innovation makes it possible to produce high-quality garments and textiles that last longer because they won’t fade, stain or bleed when exposed to laundering. At the same time, they comply with current and anticipated industry sustainability standards, enhancing consumer confidence and helping brands verify their green claims,” Anish Paliwal, Market Segment Director, CEL & Blends, WO Casual, Formal & Home Textiles, said. He also added, “This is all part of our newly launched Super Systems+ that help textile and apparel brands, retailers and mills positively impact their economic and environmental sustainability, and reflects Archroma’s commitment to delivering a more sustainable ecosystem.”

ALBAFIX ECO PLUS is suitable for jet applications, and for other dyeing and washing equipment with vigorous liquor circulation, and can also be applied by exhaustion, by padding or from the last bath of the soaping process after dyeing or printing.

Like ALBAFIX ECO, the latest addition to the ALBAFIX family has a positive influence on chlorine-fastness. When applied with double fixing, it achieves the same high performance on polyamide and PA/Elastane fabrics, as it does on cellulosic fibers. This makes it ideal for the production of swimwear, as well as sportswear and outdoor clothing.

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