CTA Apparels pioneers sustainable practices in textile and apparel industry

CTA Apparels Pvt. Ltd
Dr. Mukesh Kansal, Chairman, CTA Apparels Pvt. Ltd

In a significant stride towards environmental sustainability, CTA Apparels Pvt. Ltd., under the visionary leadership of Dr. Mukesh Kansal, Chairman, has undertaken comprehensive measures to integrate sustainability across its operations. Dr. Kansal firmly believes in the pivotal role of organizational commitment in driving sustainability initiatives.

“At CTA Apparels, we recognize the urgency of adopting sustainable practices and are committed to leading the way in the textile and apparel industry. Our journey towards sustainability is guided by a holistic approach, encompassing energy efficiency, climate action, water management, waste recycling, and social responsibility,” stated Dr. Mukesh Kansal.

CTA Apparels has initiated a robust sustainability plan, implementing energy-saving measures such as the conversion to Biomass from High Carbon Fuel and the installation of air pollution control systems. The company has made significant strides in reducing energy and water consumption through machinery upgrades, caustic recovery, and various other initiatives.

The commitment towards zero emissions is reflected in the installation of a 1 MW Rooftop solar power plant in the Fabric mill, with plans to add 500 KW in Pilkhuwa Mill in 2024. Furthermore, CTA aims to achieve “Net Zero” by 2030, with plans for a 6 MW Solar park.

Water management is a priority at CTA, with the implementation of a water monitoring system, water treatment facilities, and the adoption of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plants. The company actively participates in water conservation schemes, such as the “Amrit Sarover Yozna” by adopting a pond in Village-Lakhan, Pilkhuwa.

In waste management, CTA employs the Reverse Resource (RR) tool for recycling purposes and disposes of waste fabric (katran) responsibly. Hazardous waste is disposed of through authorized dealers.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, CTA has embraced cleaner fuels like Biomass and PNG (in steam energy generation) and is focused on sustainable chemical management. The company uses Bhive, a ZDHC approved Chemical Inventory portal, and is transitioning towards Green Screen Chemistry-certified chemicals for a safer and less hazardous environment.

In addition to environmental sustainability, CTA is committed to social sustainability. The company ensures a healthy work environment, fair living wages through the “Fair Living Wages” project, and provides technical and soft skill training for potential supervisors. The company has identified eight broad skill gaps and is actively training its workforce to achieve these sustainability objectives.

Dr. Mukesh Kansal emphasized, “Our journey towards sustainability is a collective effort, and we are proud to contribute to a cleaner and healthier future for our industry and the planet.”


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