Fashion Meets Innovation and Tradition at FaW TOKYO 2024


Tokyo, Japan – FaW TOKYO (FASHION WORLD TOKYO), the renowned international fashion trade show, is gearing up for its spring edition, promising an exciting showcase of global fashion trends, technology innovations, and traditional craftsmanship. From April 17-19, Tokyo Big Sight in Japan, will host this event, gathering a diverse array of international exhibitors and highlighting the best of Japanese fashion excellence.

Discover Global Trends and Innovation

FaW TOKYO is the place to be for global fashion trends and technology innovations. With 800 exhibitors hailing from 25 different countries, the event presents a diverse showcase of local excellence

Sustainable Fashion Practices

Sustainability is a key focus at FaW TOKYO. Apart from emphasising innovation and technology, the event will shine a spotlight on companies and initiatives championing ethical production, recycling, and reducing environmental impact. Check out the Sustainability Showcase featuring NEW Upcycled Material Zone and Sustainable OEM Zone. Discover how fashion can be both stylish and sustainable through innovative design and eco-friendly practices.

Celebrating Wellness & Sports in Fashion

Fashion isn’t just about looks—it’s also about how they feel and move. Wellness & sports are integral to the industry, shaping trends and designs. At FaW TOKYO, international attendees can explore the intersection of fashion, wellness, and sports, and discover the latest trends and innovations in the dynamic sector.

Made in Japan

Experience the craftsmanship and quality of Japanese fashion and textile manufacturing at FaW TOKYO 2024. Discover unique designs and traditional techniques that have made Japanese fashion a global icon of excellence.

International Flair

FaW TOKYO welcomes a diverse range of international exhibitors, showcasing the best of global fashion. Get inspired by the latest trends and designs from around the world. Don’t miss exhibitors like EVER AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, known for their high-quality sheepskin boots; Mis Balinesas, offering luxury leather handbags inspired by the colors and vibes of Bali; MEDUSE since 1946, known for their sustainable PVC and hemp products, including sneakers made with LWG leather; and MIMI CORPORATION, offering the latest eyewear trends from K-POP and K-Drama, as well as various eyewear designs for various targets at reasonable prices. Additionally, explore the Fashion Sourcing Expo for a comprehensive look at the global fashion supply chain.

Join FaW TOKYO 2024, Spring Edition, and be inspired by the diversity and creativity of the fashion industry. Discover new trends, forge new partnerships, and celebrate the innovation that defines fashion today/

For more information, visit FaW TOKYO’s official website.



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