Yarn Expo Spring

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), China, 6 – 8 March 2024

Busy aisles across Yarn Expo Spring’s hall, which featured 14% more exhibitors at this edition (Photo: Messe Frankfurt)
Busy aisles across Yarn Expo Spring’s hall, which featured 14% more exhibitors at this edition (Photo: Messe Frankfurt)

As a platform for discovery and business exchange, the fair, held from 6 – 8 March, spun a global thread of connections across its hall. Drawing nearly 22,000 buyers from 107 countries and regions to connect with over 515 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions, this year’s edition witnessed a rise in internationality, with overseas visitors increasing by 90%, and five new exhibiting countries joining the fold (Bangladesh, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, and the UAE)[1]. Across the 27,000 sqm show floor, sustainability took centre stage as streams of visitors explored the latest innovations, from eco-friendly cotton yarns, to recycled and regenerated fibres, and many more.

Speaking at the fair’s conclusion, Ms Wilmet Shea, General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd, said: “Much of the global textile industry has been working to make manufacturing processes more sustainable; developing transparency measures within their supply chains to achieve this goal. With a rise in international exhibitors, coupled with increased domestic options, buyers found inspiration in the many eco-friendly innovations showcased across the fairground. The global synergy bodes well for future editions, as exhibitors were impressed by the high visitor quality and buying competence.”

Over the three-day showcase, sustainability was a strong theme. Among the wide variety of products on display, many brands incorporated both natural and regenerated synthetic fibres, prioritising yarn quality, and a commitment to building towards a more environmentally friendly and ethical future. By enhancing this ambition, “Texpertise Econogy”, the umbrella for our sustainability activities, is poised to continue infusing eco-consciousness into Messe Frankfurt’s more than 50 textile trade shows worldwide.

This was clearly demonstrated across multiple pavilions and zones, featuring products such as recycled yarns, TENCEL™ yarns, and organic cotton, complemented by a series of innovation-focused fringe events. These included China Fibres Fashion Trends Display Zone, highlighting the latest downstream vogues for various yarns and fibres.

Domestic and international participation grows

International exhibitor numbers doubled, with domestic exhibitors also up by 27%. In addition, the show recorded visitors from 52% more countries and regions – a sign of healthy demand and recent visa reforms, with the top five international visiting countries and regions including Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, and Russia. Meanwhile, wide-ranging positive feedback underscored the fair as Asia’s leading yarn and fibre platform.

Exhibitor comments

“We are promoting our range of recycled products, catering to the swelling demand for eco-friendly and traceable items. As a manufacturer of high-quality yarns and fibres, our target buyers encompass end users from various countries, allowing us to serve a diverse global market. This edition has seen a surge in visitor numbers, with a blend of local and international attendees. It is influential to us, as it provides us with the opportunity to connect with clients from all corners of the world under one roof. Having participated seven times, we will definitely return.” Mr Adeel Haider, General Marketing Manager, Nagina Cotton Mills Ltd, Pakistan

“This year, we helped organise the India Pavilion. The continued attendance of Indian suppliers is due to the effectiveness of Yarn Expo as a business platform and the attraction of the vast Chinese market. India’s textile industry chain and competitive advantage in quality and price have drawn many buyers to our booth, especially for India’s popular twisted cotton yarn. We anticipate another successful edition, grateful for this international platform and valuable opportunities to expand our exhibitors’ global presence.” Mr Murali Balakrishna, Joint Director, The Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council, India

“The synergy created by the concurrent shows provides access to a vast customer database, and our booth at Yarn Expo has been busy with buyers from around the world. As a family-run business with extensive experience in both national and international markets, we are presenting a wide range of products, including standard yarns, specialty yarns, and development-intensive yarns. The Chinese market has always been a priority for us, and given the positive outcomes we have experienced, we will continue participating at this fair.” Mr Ankur Baheti, Business Head, RÜTEX Textile Private Limited, Germany

“Environmental protection is currently a strong focus for us, therefore we are showcasing eco-friendly products such as recycled cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled viscose. Buyers’ increasing attention towards green products has resulted in a steady growth in orders. Yarn Expo has generated impressive booth traffic, with both new and existing customers placing orders on the spot. Overall, we are highly satisfied with the outcome, as it has expanded our customer base and provided exposure to a targeted market.” Mr Nick Su, General Manager, HENGBANG Textile Group, China

“We are a knitting fabric factory based in Ningbo, and we also operate a trading company in Vietnam. Our products range from CVC yarns to sustainable cotton yarns. At this fair, our goal is to expand our customer base in China but also in other markets such as India, Europe, and America. Because of the show’s strategic location in Shanghai, it attracts many global attendees. We have met many potential clients and established numerous contacts for future collaboration and business opportunities.” Ms Rachel Ruan, Sales Supervisor, QIMENG (Viet Nam) Textile Company Limited, Vietnam

“This edition, we partnered with Sateri to develop Lyocell yarns. Our focus is on promoting these sustainable yarns, targeting middle and high-end brands who prioritise environmental considerations. With the mass production of Lyocell yarn, we anticipate significant market demand and aim to expand our Lyocell series through this platform. Our booth has been bustling with activity, with international buyers from South America showing keen interest.” Ms Vivi Hu, Head of Foreign Trade Department, JINGYI Group, China

Buyers’ feedback

“This is China’s largest yarn and fibre fair, showcasing various materials, from semi-finished to finished products, which inspires us. We attend to spot market trends, new technologies, and fresh development ideas, particularly seeking functional fibres. Foreign brands have increased participation, highlighting China’s strong market. The future holds promise as the domestic market prioritises functional materials for health, safety, and comfort.” Mr Tyler Shi, General Manager, Zhongshan Hai Pu Nuo Si Biotechnology Co Ltd, China

“I’m from a trading company and we have our own dyeing and knitting facilities. I’m sourcing various types of fabric, including blended fabrics. The scale of the show is much bigger than before. I’m happy with the exhibitors and have already placed a few orders, mostly from domestic suppliers. The demand in the Chinese market is good, and I’m impressed by the variety of items at the fair by foreign exhibitors from India and Pakistan.” Mr Ashraf Zaitoun, Director, Newtex Thread Factory, Egypt

“We are a leading domestic manufacturer specialising in the production of 100% recycled polyester filament yarns using waste bottles. During this visit, we are seeking the latest sustainable products to enhance our product offerings. I have selected a few companies that align with our requirements and am looking forward to following up with them.” Mr Brian Li, Sales Manager, Zhejiang Haili Environmental Technology Co Ltd, China

Yarn Expo Spring is organised by Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd and the Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT. The fair was held alongside Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Spring Edition, Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles – Spring Edition, CHIC and PH Value, with the resultant synergy allowing exhibitors and buyers to maximise their business opportunities.

For further information, please visit: www.yarn-expo-spring.com


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