Kraig Biocraft Laboratories announces successful launch of spring production trials in southeast asia for spider silk

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories
Photo - Kraig Biocraft Laboratories

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, announces today that the spring production trials for the new BAM-1 hybrid have begun and are well on track to meet the Company’s expectations and timeline.

The Company successfully launched the production trials of BAM-1, its newest and most robust recombinant spider silk production silkworm hybrid, on time and in line with its production roadmap. The Company’s CEO remains in Asia to directly oversee the production trial of the BAM-1 parental strains and monitor their performance.

Following health screenings and daily monitoring of the colony, the Company can now report that this is currently the strongest and healthiest batch of silkworms it has ever produced in Southeast Asia. Specifically, disease screening by the Company and its consultants has shown zero instances of disease in the colony. This can be attributed in part to the improved genetics and robustness of the BAM-1 parental strains. Moreover, significant credit for this improved performance must also be attributed to the knowledge and rearing technology transfer that Dr. Nirmal Kumar, of India, has brought to the team.

“Our team invested heavily in improving the robustness of our production recombinant spider silk strains based on hard lessons learned and the testing data collected in 2023. With the support and added insight Dr. Nirmal Kumar is providing, we are on track for the most productive and successful spider silk production year in the Company’s history,” said founder and CEO, Kim Thompson. “Dr. Nirmal Kumar will be on the ground working with our team through this entire trial of the parental strains in order to lay a solid foundation for all future production. I believe we are in the midst of a breakout year for the Company as we continue to hit our marks on the business plan and deliver on our vision for commercial scale spider silk.”

Source – Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc.


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