Achroma and cotton incorporated reaffirm commitment to innovation for cotton circularity

Archroma and Cotton Incorporated reaffirm commitment to innovation for cotton circularity. Photo - Archroma

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals focused on sustainable solutions, and Cotton Incorporated, the research and promotion company for cotton, have renewed their eight-year collaboration to help accelerate the shift to a more sustainable circular economy.

The two organizations began working together in 2016 when Cotton Incorporated approached Archroma intending to develop a dyestuff from the byproducts of cotton production.

The U.S., the world’s third-largest cotton producer and largest exporter produces sustainable cotton fiber for the textile and apparel industry as well as cottonseed for food and animal feed. Cotton farming and processing also generate byproducts, such as burs, stems, and leaves, that are used to create insulation, packaging, erosion control products, and more. Cotton Incorporated recognized the potential to use these natural byproducts to produce dyes.

Drawing on a century-long heritage of sulfur dye innovation, the Archroma research team was able to apply its patented EarthColors technology to create DIRESUL Earth-Cotton using cotton by-products from the U.S. supply chain. An alternative to the usual oil-based dyes, Earth-Cotton allows brands to offer textile products in warm natural shades, using cotton to create both fabric and dye.

“Cotton is a natural and versatile plant with nearly every part, from hull to seed to fiber utilized. Ideal for a circular economy; the soft and durable cotton fiber, and the rest of the cotton plant are resilient and can be reused and recycled before returning to the earth. Cotton Incorporated is committed to working with innovative leaders like Archroma to continue finding new ways to advance circularity and expand programs using cotton,” Mary Ankeny, Vice President of Product Development and Implementation Operations for Cotton Incorporated said.

“The development of DIRESUL Earth-Cotton is a clear example of sustainability sparking innovation that delivers value across the whole textile chain – from cotton farmers and textile mills to brands, retailers and consumers. We are excited to continue to exchange ideas and knowledge with Cotton Incorporated as a reliable partner helping lead the textile industry towards a more sustainable future,” Umberto De Vita – Market Segment Director for Denim, Archroma Textile Effects said.


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