TextileGenesis and EON joins forces to offer fashion and textile players an unrivaled level of traceability and transparency

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Lectra Group company, TextileGenesis, the pioneering platform for the fashion and textile industries to ensure material traceability, today announced a transformative partnership with EON, the leader in product digitization, enabling retail brands to turn products into traceable, valuable assets through the creation of Digital IDs. This collaboration will enable brands to create comprehensive Digital Product Passports (DPP) that connect the entire material and product life cycle, and leverage this intelligence to optimize supply chains, provide more transparent information to customers, meet legislative demands and scale circular business models.

The new TextileGenesis and EON collaboration will address key issues for fashion brands

The fashion industry is currently undergoing a major evolution, moving in just a few years from no legal framework to a surge of sustainability regulations worldwide, requiring it to be able to trace all stages of its value chain.

Digital Product Passports (DPPs) are now the top priority for fashion brands and at the heart of sweeping global legislative agenda. In the EU, for example, the European Commission is about to adopt a Regulation on Ecodesign for Sustainable Products, which will set information requirements on sustainability aspects for products sold in the EU provided through a Digital Product Passport. DPPs will require all brands selling products in Europe to provide information on the traceability and life cycle of their products through a Digital Product Passport. DPPs aim to help consumers to identify and choose more sustainable products and accelerate downstream business models such as repair, resale and recycling.

The collaboration between TextileGenesis and EON will support the implementation of DPPs while unlocking new business capabilities for brands:

  • With a DPP, products become interactive and can deliver reliable and transparent product supply chain data to customers throughout the product life cycle via an embedded data carrier (QR Code, NFC chop, etc.). This enables brands to increase customer engagement and trust and meet expectations for transparency.
  • The ability to collect robust data on products and materials and share with circular businesses to scale models such as resale, repair and recycling.
  • New intelligence into the end-to-end product lifecycle to optimize supply chains and gain new competitive advantages.
  • An efficient way to manage compliance with existing and future regulations (e.g. AGEC, ESPR, etc).

Thanks to the integration of TextileGenesis and EON platforms, data silos will be removed and fashion brands will benefit from an unparalleled level of traceability

TextileGenesis and EON are two technological pioneers in fashion traceability. TextileGenesis has created an innovative, totally reliable and secure technology that offers complete traceability of sustainable and conventional textiles, guaranteeing their authenticity and provenance at every stage of the supply chain, from fiber to retail. EON´s pioneering software platform enables global brands to create and manage a unique digital identity for every physical product in the form of a digital twin. This digital twin turns their products into traceable, interactive and intelligent assets that power diverse business objectives including on-product customer engagement, authentication, seamless resale, and more.

The EON and TextileGenesis collaboration solves key technology barriers for brands to meet these new compliance requirements by removing data silos between upstream and downstream traceability. Brands will be able to link material traceability data from TextileGenesis to a digital twin in the EON platform through a direct integration between the two platforms. This critical link will ensure the end-to-end traceability of every unique item, enable customers to access trusted product information, and ensure downstream partners have the information they need to scale circular services. Brands benefit from traceable, compliant products that unlock new value across their lifespans.

“Our collaboration with EON enables us to offer an unrivalled level of precision and completeness in textile traceability, from fiber to finished product, and in tracking all stages of production, distribution, sale, resale and recycling of fashion items. The integration, via APIs, of our two platforms enables brands to associate a Digital Product Passport (DPP) with each of their products, bringing together certified supply chain data upstream (TextileGenesis) and information collected downstream (EON) of the garment purchase”, explains Amit Gautam, founder and CEO of TextileGenesis.

“Our collaboration with TextileGenesis signifies a huge leap forward in product and material traceability, enabling brands to for the first time connect the full end-to-end life cycle of each unique item. This new intelligence delivers unparalleled competitive advantages: brands will be able to scale new business models, deliver richer customer experiences and accelerate sustainability efforts,” explains Natasha Franck, founder and CEO of EON.


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