Fuze Technology receives updated EPA approval for antimicrobial, product lifetime durability

Fuze Technology
Photo - Fuze Technology

Fuze Technology (Fuze) announced today the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) registration and approval for its products used in textiles and surfaces for antimicrobial effects, as well as the lifetime durability of its application.

“This is huge news for Fuze and for the textiles industry,” said Andrew Peterson, Fuze CTO. “The EPA has reviewed our product and verified that it is an antimicrobial that is retained by the fabric for more than 100 washes. That is a first in the industry,” he continued.

The EPA’s approvals uniquely position Fuze in the market, making Fuze the only antimicrobial that can last the life of the textile it is applied to. Fuze uses its patented process to create its products that are applied to fabrics using various application methods.

In addition to its antimicrobial features, Fuze’s technology leads with its chemical-free, anti-odor capabilities which also promote moisture wicking and significantly faster drying times, while not disrupting the fabrics look or feel.

“Remarkably, we achieve these benefits using just 1mg per kilo of textile—a dosage nearly 1 million times less than any other antimicrobial treatments currently available,” Peterson mentioned. “This ultra-low application rate not only ensures minimal environmental impact but also maintains fabric integrity and performance over time,” he continued.

Fuze is a wholly owned subsidiary of EVŌQ Nano a nanoscience company that engineers novel nanoparticles for the life science, materials science, and textile science industries. The company’s multi-patented, high-volume laser nanofabrication process creates nanoparticles that are uniformly sized, surfactant-free, with consistent spherical morphology, and no ion emissions under standard and stressed conditions. These properties represent a significant advancement in nanoscience with the potential for a wide range of applications. To learn more, visit fuze47.com.


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