Fibre52 selected as a 2024 fashion for good innovation program honoree


Fibre52 is one of ten global fashion industry innovators accepted into the 2024 Fashion for Good Innovation Programme. Established in 2017, the program is dedicated to identifying and supporting new technologies that have the potential to significantly reduce pollution in the global textile industry supply chain.

Fibre52’s patent-pending technology removes harsh chemicals from the cotton Prepare for Dye (PFD) and dye processes. As part of the Fashion for Good Innovation Programme, Fibre52 will receive tailored support and increased access to brands, retailers, manufacturers, and investors.

“Fibre52 is honored to be part of the 2024 Fashion for Good Innovation Programme and that organization’s mission to build sustainable solutions in the textile industry,” said Laura Thornquist, President of Fibre52. “The Fibre52 process and chemistry for preparing and dyeing cotton is aligned with making real change by significantly reducing the amount of water and carbon emissions required during these specific manufacturing stages.”

Based in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, Fashion for Good is affiliated with the Fashion for Good Foundation. Both organizations are dedicated to bringing sustainable manufacturing processes to the global fashion industry and in turn, providing consumers with clothing that is manufactured with attention to the potential impact on people and the planet. Fashion for Good’s corporate partners include Chanel, Patagonia, and PVH, among others.

“We are thrilled to unveil this year’s cohort of ten new innovators for our Innovation Programme,” said Katrin Ley, Managing Director, Fashion for Good, in an announcement made March 20. “These groundbreaking technologies epitomize our steadfast commitment to embedding new technologies within the fashion industry.”

This month’s announcement follows the news last October that Fibre52’s chemistries had been certified by the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) Road to Zero Programme and included on the ZDHC list of approved chemistries. ZDHC is also based in the Netherlands.

With Fibre52’s ZDHC certification, mills and brands around the world now have a sustainable alternative to the traditional PFD and dye processes that use harsh chemicals, high heat, and vast amounts of water. Fibre52 produces a superior cotton product, while using up to 70 percent less water and up to 40 percent less energy.

Fibre52 recently partnered with Liberty Mills Limited in Pakistan and Graphics Textile Ltd. in Bangladesh. The company is also running full-scale trials with over a dozen mills and brands globally for potential adoption.


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