Carrington textiles launches innovative website at A+A

Carrington Textiles
Photo - Carrington Textiles

Carrington Textiles, a global leader in textile manufacturing, revealed the launch of their new website during the company’s presence at A+A in Düsseldorf last week.

The event showcased Carrington Textiles’ dedication to sustainability, innovation, and customer engagement. The highlight of the exhibition was the interactive showcase of sustainable fibers and the introduction of fabrics with exceptional stretch properties, including the Tahoe, Lugano, Meteor, Flametougher 290AS, and Flameflex 300AS, products; as well as the launch of the latest innovation for welders, Flameshield Satin 425. Visitors were given an opportunity to explore the latest eco-friendly textile offerings, including TENCEL, REPREVE recycled polyester, organic cotton, and Better Cotton, among others.

Revamped website for enhanced user experience

In addition to the innovation and sustainability commitment, Carrington Textiles launched its brand-new website. This interface is designed to provide an enhanced online experience for customers, partners, and the industry in general. Key features include:

• Product Visibility: The website showcases fabric photos for each product, offering greater visibility of Carrington Textiles’ fabrics.

• Improved Search Functionality: Users can now search by industry and color, making it easier to find the perfect fabric for their specific needs.

• Live Chat: The website features a live chat option, allowing direct communication with Carrington Textiles’ customer service team for immediate assistance during the company’s working hours.

• Dedicated Teams Section: Visitors can explore the customer-facing areas of the business, fostering transparency and accessibility.

• Comprehensive ‘About’ page: The ‘About’ page offers detailed information about the company, accompanied by visual references of Carrington Textiles’ key information.

• Production Pages: These pages provide insights into Carrington Textiles’ production processes, offering a visual glimpse into their factories via their commercial videos.

This new website will also offer highly popular advanced search and language options, as well as a members area for visitors to access products’ technical data, downloadable marketing information, and more.

Carrington Textiles‘ commitment to sustainability, combined with the launch of its user-friendly website, reaffirms its position as a global leader in the textile industry. The company continues to innovate, offering customers the latest in sustainable fabrics and a seamless online experience.


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