Archroma brings super systems+ solutions to the global denim community

‘PLANET CONSCIOUS+’ innovations to be showcased at two of the world’s most influential denim fairs: Denim Première Vision Milan and Denimsandjeans Vietnam.

Visit Archroma at Booth C20 at Superstudio Più, Milan, Italy from June 5 to 6, 2024. Photo - Archroma

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, is bringing its new SUPER SYSTEMS+ concept and key denim innovations to Denim Première Vision Milan on June 5 and 6 and Denimsandjeans Vietnam on June 26 and 27.

From classic blue jeans to fashion-forward designs with fresh cuts, colors, and finishes, denim remains one of the most popular fabrics worldwide. At the same time, the industry is beginning to question traditional production methods that use considerable water and energy and also have limitations in terms of the selection of chemicals and dyes that are clean and safe.

“Guided by our ‘PLANET CONSCIOUS+’ vision of innovation and partnership, Archroma is committed to leading the change for denim brands and mills worldwide. We consistently challenge the status quo to develop solutions that not only set trends in fashion, but that can be cleaner and more sustainable too,” Umberto De Vita, Market Segment Director for Denim, Archroma Textile Effects, said.

Archroma will demonstrate an array of breakthrough solutions at Denim Première Vision Milan and Denimsandjeans Vietnam, including SUPER SYSTEMS+ for Denim. SUPER SYSTEMS+ are powerful end-to-end systems developed by Archroma to allow brands and mills to make an impact by saving resources, delivering more durable apparel adopting cleaner chemistries, or choosing enhanced outcomes in all three areas at once. The suite encompasses wet processing solutions from sizing to finishing; durable colors and functional effects that add value; and cleaner chemistries that go beyond compliance to anticipate future restrictions.

Trade show visitors will also be able to explore Archroma’s new DENIM HALO, a user-friendly and easy washable denim, as well as a range of other product innovations, such as DIRESUL EVOLUTION BLACK, DENISOL PURE INDIGO 30 and EarthColors.

DIRESUL EVOLUTION BLACK is Archroma’s cleanest sulfur black dyestuff. Manufactured using fewer resources, it has an overall impact reduction of 57% during dye synthesis compared to standard Sulfur Black 1 liquid.* Importantly, it also offers mills the opportunity to deliver unique shade and wash-down effects that stand out in the market.

DENISOL PURE INDIGO 30 LIQ is an aniline-free** pre-reduced indigo that creates an authentic denim look with the same performance and efficiency as conventional indigo dye, but in a way that can reduce the risk of pollution. Furthermore, it is produced in an aniline-free process to help enable cleaner denim production.

EarthColors is a patented Archroma technology that creates high-performance biowaste-based dyes from non-edible food and agricultural waste, leaving the edible part available for consumption. EarthColors dyes are fully traceable and help reduce the industry’s overall impact on the water footprint. Since they upcycle waste from other industries, they also help contribute to a circular economy.

Meet Archroma denim experts at Denim Première Vision Milan 2024

Held twice a year, in June and November, Denim Première Vision is a celebration of denim trends, markets, and culture. The June 2024 event will present the latest innovations and Autumn-Winter 2025-2026 collections from leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Visit Archroma at Booth C20 at Superstudio Più, Milan, Italy from June 5 to 6, 2024.

Meet Archroma denim experts at Denimsandjeans Vietnam 2024

Now in its sixth year, Denimsandjeans Vietnam attracts large denim producers from Vietnam and other leading textile manufacturing hubs. The show is organized by, a website dedicated to the global denim industry since 2007.

Visit Archroma at Booth 11 at Riverside Palace, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from June 26 to 27, 2024


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