Ufabrik once again the material of choice for EFI’s stand at drupa


Electronics for Imaging (EFI), a global innovator in customer-orientated digital printing, has reaffirmed its commitment to using UFabrik textiles for its display, exhibition, and event needs. UFabrik Soft Blackback Textile has once again become its textile of choice for its stand build at Drupa 2024.

Impactful graphics and brand messaging will be printed on UFabrik Soft Blackback Textile courtesy of EFI’s new generation VUTEk FabriVU 340i+ dye sublimation printer. In all, a total of 611 square meters of this printed textile will be used to fabricate tensioned walls, partitions, meeting rooms, counter fronts, and hanging graphics at EFI’s stand (A20-1 & A20-2) situated in Hall 9 of the Messe Exhibition and Trade Centre in Düsseldorf.

Developed to be the ultimate blackback for direct and transfer dye-sublimation applications, UFabrik Soft Blackback Textile is a 100% knitted material with a bright white print surface, anti-scratch black backing, and offers the perfect balance between stretch and softness.

“We are pleased to be working with UFabrik again at drupa,” said Ken Hanulec, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at EFI. “A great deal has changed since the last drupa eight years ago, but one thing that has not changed is the quality, versatility and sustainability of the UFabrik solutions, which will help us stand out at drupa. Display graphics printed on our new generation VUTEk FabriVU 340i+ dye sublimation printer using UFabrik textiles deliver brilliant, eye-catching graphics that unequivocally demonstrate the value of this unique combination of printer and media.”

The VUTEk FabriVU 340i+ dye sublimation printer will be featured on EFI’s stand and all demonstrations will utilise UFabrik products that include the following:

UFabrik Soft Backlit Textile

This fully woven polyester is specifically for backlit applications, it features a unique weaving process during production that ensures no pin holes and no need for a top coating. It features an unrivalled white point with a soft and natural handle offering unparalleled image output and print quality. It is also foldable, and crease, and bruise-free. PVC-free, recyclable, it is compatible with both direct and dye sub paper transfer.

UFabrik Flag Textile

This is a tear-proof knitted textile that is designed for all flag applications. Compatible with water-based dye ink, it can be printed with both direct and paper sublimation processes and is renowned for its excellent show through qualities.

UFabrik Soft Display Textile

A soft and crease-free display textile with high knit density accounting for over 80% opacity. This is perfect for TFS, banners and tablecloths. It has an excellent white point, superb stretch, and recovery and vibrant colour reproduction. It is compatible with dye sublimation direct and transfer processes.

Strong relationship

UFabrik has worked with EFI to ensure that its installed customer base achieves immediate out-of-the-box success with printed textiles. All UFabrik color profiles are available on the Fiery XF RIP and can be accessed directly from the Fiery Profiles Updater. UFabrik has now created profiles for Caldera users, with ONYX and Rasterlink RIPS to follow for all leading global wide-format UV, Latex, and dye sublimation technologies.

The UFabrik range offers solutions for 95% of all applications required for the display, exhibitions, and events sectors. It is exclusively distributed in the UK and Europe by CMYUK, and LexJet in the USA.


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