Transform your sustainable material journey with Tailorlux physical traceability solutions

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Material Blend Quantification

Our physical tracers ensure accurate and reliable quantification of material composition in your product. By providing precise measurements, you can confidently boost your sustainability claims with third-party verification and demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Enhanced Transparency

Build consumer trust with verifiable data on material composition, tracked at every stage of the production process. Our traceability solutions enable you to offer complete transparency, from raw material sourcing to finished product, ensuring your customers can trust your claims on sustainable materials.

Ensuring Compliance

Stay ahead of upcoming regulations with a traceability system that meets the stringent requirements of global standards. Our solutions are designed to help you comply with new and evolving legal mandates ensuring your business is always a step ahead in regulatory compliance. For example, the Digital Product Passport is the emerging topic nowadays. Our physical tracers work as a backbone of all digital solutions connecting the right material.

Boost Brand Integrity

Combat greenwashing and showcase your commitment to genuine sustainability efforts with our cutting-edge technology. Our inorganic tracer is not just an add-on to material by spraying, it’s an integral part of material. Our traceability solutions allow you to provide undeniable proof of the material composition in your products, enhancing your brand’s integrity and market position.

Easy Implementation

We customize the integration of our traceability solutions into your existing production lines for seamless operation. Our tailored approach ensures that the implementation process is smooth and that the solutions fit perfectly with your unique production needs.

Discover the impact of our traceability solutions, learn how our physical traceability solutions can transform your business. Contact our sales team today to explore these highlights in detail and schedule a consultation.

“Embrace transparency, ensure material integrity, and lead the way in sustainable fashion with our advanced traceability solutions.”


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