Devan Chemicals receives allergy UK accreditation for BI-OME NTL MG anti-dust mite and antibacterial technology

Devan Chemicals, a leading innovator in textile finishes, is proud to announce that its BI-OME NTL MG technology has received the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. This recognition underscores the effectiveness of BI-OME NTL MG in providing protection against dust mites.

Richard Moyle
Richard Moyle . Photo - Devan Chemicals

MG technology has been proven to be beneficial for those with allergic sensitivities to house dust mites. This has also been confirmed by an external lab according to French standard NF G 39-011.

BI-OME NTL MG is a biobased, non-harmful anti-dust mite and antibacterial technology

which guarantees optimal freshness and hygiene for all kinds of textiles, such as mattresses, mattress protectors, pillows, and quilts.

BI-OME NTL MG features a unique blend of linseed oil and margosa oil. Derived from flax seeds, linseed oil acts as an antibacterial agent, promoting sustainable freshness, while margosa oil is known for its anti-dust mite properties.

Devan’s customers will now have an opportunity to make use of the Allergy UK logo on their products that incorporate BI-OME NTL MG technology after signing a license agreement with Allergy UK. This allows manufacturers to provide added value to consumers seeking products that support allergy management.

“We are thrilled to receive Allergy UK’s accreditation for our BI-OME NTL MG technology,” said Richard Moyle,  Business Unit Manager for Anti-Microbial and Odour Control Products at Devan Chemicals. “This recognition is a testament to our dedication to creating innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for individuals with allergies. Our technology not only enhances the comfort and safety of everyday products but also aligns with our commitment to health and well-being.”


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