CCI celebrates its third Cotton Day in Mumbai

Focus on partnerships for industry growth Photo: Cotton USA
Photo: Cotton USA

Cotton Council International (CCI), along with the leadership of the U.S. cotton industry, held its annual Cotton Day in Mumbai, India, educating over 120 attendees on how U.S. cotton adds value for its partners in the Indian textile industry. This year’s event, held both virtual and in-person, featured the theme “Your Partner for Prosperity”, bringing a fresh perspective from leading industry experts on how U.S. cotton connects the textile community and is a trusted partner in the textile supply chain.

“Accountability and transparency are integral to the U.S. cotton industry’s values,” William Bettendorf, Director, COTTON USA Supply Chain & South Asia, CCI, said. “Both brands and consumers today are increasingly becoming more responsible in their sourcing strategies. Sustainability and transparency are the top priorities in our industry, and with a collaborative approach, we aim to add value for our partners.”

India is an important market for U.S. cotton; India’s forecast for cotton production shows an upward trend, with around 27.5 million bales (at a 480-pound bale size) in 2022-23 as compared to last year’s total of 24.5 million bales. India’s mill consumption accounts for 21% of world’s consumption.

Peush Narang, CCI Country Representative-India and Sri Lanka, added, “The Indian textile industry is one of the largest industries in the country and has witnessed phenomenal growth in the last two decades in terms of installed spindles and yarn production. Technology-wise, the Indian spinning industry has been able to keep pace with the international technology trends. Cotton has been the growth engine for Indian textile industry, and India has become one of the largest consumers of cotton, with about 22% of the world’s cotton consumption.”

Cotton Day India 2022 featured eminent speakers and panelists from the U.S. Embassy, CCI, and cotton industry experts from the U.S. and UK, along with allied companies that support the industry with traceability solutions.

The event included insightful sessions on what the industry can do together to encourage partnerships and collaborative approaches for growth and prosperity. The event had sessions about the recent global cotton scenario, an update on Indian cotton, risk management, the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol and how sustainability and transparency are defining future global supply chains. It also included the latest CCI updates and industry guidelines on how Indian textile mills could adopt COTTON USA SOLUTIONS best practices to help increase profitability.

Marc Lewkowitz, President & CEO of Supima, shared key updates on the Supima licensing program. Jane Singer, managing director of Inside Fashion, also spoke about trends in the global fashion industry.


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