Singapore’s Säntis Textiles joining ITMF as Corporate Member.

Säntis Textiles and ITMF
Photo: ITMF

Säntis Textiles is a family-owned and -run textile sourcing and supply company headquartered in Singapore that was established in 2005. It specializes in material, fiber, yarns, and fabric development and sourcing for the global garment and technical textiles market. Säntis Textiles has offices in Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, UK, and the USA.

In 2016, Säntis Textiles launched their proprietary technology RCO100, the world’s first
mechanical recycling machinery, designed with the forward-thinking customer in mind. With RCO100 the company is actively improving and strengthening the circular economy. Säntis Textiles is proud to be part of the <1% of mechanical textile-to-textile recycling.
Founded in 1904 The ITMF is the international forum of the global textile value chain for
producers of fiber to finished products. Its members are from textile and apparel-producing
countries representing approximately 90% of global production.

Ms. Annabelle Hutter, Managing Director of Säntis Textiles AG (Switzerland), said that “the
textile trade has transformed immensely in the past 20-30 years. Production of apparel and
home textiles have moved to a large extent to Asia, new markets for circular as well as
technical textiles have emerged or digital or environmental requirements and changes have
reshaped the industry. What has not changed is the need to be connected personally with
colleagues from the industry around the world. The ITMF is a special forum for industry
representatives from around the world to meet and to discuss new ideas and solutions. In
addition, ITMF offers its members information that helps to better understand the dynamics of the industry. Säntis Textiles appreciated attending the ITMF Annual Conference 2022 in Davos, where interesting topics were discussed and personal contacts could be strengthened.”

“By joining ITMF as a Corporate Member, Säntis Textiles becomes part of a unique
international forum that brings together stakeholders from the entire global textile value
chain. Meeting colleagues and friends from different segments in the value chain – producers of fibres, textiles, garments, home textiles, textile machinery, or textile chemicals as well as other organizations and companies affiliated with the textile industry – in an environment of trust and with a spirit of collaboration, is fruitful and productive. A network of personal relations is precious, when it comes to understand and navigate through the complex global textile industry. ITMF and all ITMF members will benefit from Säntis Textiles’ unique expertise and experience in developing and sourcing textile products around the world. The ITMF Annual Conference 2022 which was held in September 2022 in Davos, Switzerland, had shown that personal relations are and will remain crucial in the textile industry”, stated Dr. Christian Schindler, Director General of ITMF.


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