ITMF Start-up Awards 2022

Säntis Textiles and ITMF
Photo: ITMF

At the ITMF Annual Conference 2022 which was held in Davos, Switzerland and was co-hosted by Swiss Textiles and Swiss Textile Machinery, ITMF presented for the first time the so called ITMF Start-up Awards.

In 2022, the ITMF Start-up Awards were granted to seven start-ups that had applied to present their product and service innovations. Next to an innovative business idea, the criteria applied by the jury comprised aspects like criteria for business propositions, criteria related to sustainability, recyclability, or digitalization as well qualitative efficiency.

These seven start-ups were selected by a jury from a total of more than 40 start-ups. They could present their ideas in two so called “Start-up Sessions” during the ITMF Annual Conference 2022.

The objective of the ITMF Start-up Awards is to bring together young companies with innovative product and service innovations with well-established companies from the textile industry. The winners of the ITMF Start-up Award 2022 are (in alphabetical order):

ColorDigital GmbH (Germany –
Presentation: “DMIx – meaningful digitalization for the supply chain”

Designovel (Korea Rep. –
Presentation: “What to make, what to sell?”

dimpora (Switzerland –
Presentation: “dimpora: The next generation of performance membranes”

Farbenpunkt Inc. (USA –
Presentation: “Textile printing and dyeing for the 21st century”

Fibrecoat (Germany –
Presentation: “Alucoat – affordable conductive textiles for EMI shielding and more”

Frontier.Cool.Inc. (Chinese Taipei –
Presentation: “Leveraging AI for seamless digital workflows and collaboration”

R-INOVE (Brazil –
Presentation: “Textile Traceability”

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