It’s almost time for India ITME – visit the Trützschler Group!

Trützschler Group
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The Trützschler Group is attending the India ITME textile machinery trade fair from December 8-13 at India Exposition Mart Limited in Greater Noida. Our 486-square-meter stand no. A3 (Hall 10), will showcase the latest machines and technologies from each of our business areas: Spinning, Card Clothing, Nonwovens, and Man-Made Fibers.

A team of Trützschler experts from Germany and India will be available to describe and discuss our innovative solutions for the textile industry and will be supported by the experienced sales team from our agency A.T.E Enterprises Limited.

Exhibits from our Spinning business

  • Trützschler Group
    TC 19i Card. Photo: Trützschler

    The TC 19i card: The TC 19i is the first intelligent card, and opens up new opportunities for productivity and quality with its self-optimization function. Using data from the tried and tested T-CON 3, the T-GO gap optimizer permanently and automatically keeps the carding gap at the optimal position, even under changing production conditions. WASTE CONTROL helps to minimize the loss of good fibers, and NEPCONTROL constantly monitors the nep count.

  • The integrated IDF 2 system: This versatile system offers a cost-efficient and resource-efficient way of producing rotor-spun and Vortex yarns. The key benefits include improved economic efficiency through process cutting, higher flexibility with shorter throughput times, cost reduction through less operating work and lower investment cost through reduced space requirements and saving of cans.
  • The TC 12-1 S card: The TC 12 sets the benchmark in one-meter cards. It boosts quality and productivity thanks to its highly precise flat setting system (PFS 40). WASTE CONTROL can reduce the loss of good fibers by up to 2 % (for cotton). The state-of-the-art SMART TOUCH and T-LED remote display provide easy operations. And the new coiling solution T-MOVE 2 with Jumbo Cans can increase can filling by up to 50 %. Our synthetic version of TC 12 card on the booth with special execution with tailor-made Technology components and stainless-steel parts offers the highest productivity with the lowest energy consumption.
  • Trützschler Group
    TCO 21 comber. Photo: Trützschler

    The TCO 21 comber: This innovative combing machine maximizes productivity and automation, while also providing excellent process efficiency and yarn quality. With DUAL DRIVE and 2-TWIN-DRIVE, the TCO 21 is the only comber that offers direct drives on both sides. As a result, it guarantees top combing performance. The unique self-optimization of the PIECING OPTIMIZER perfectly adjusts the piecing time and detaching curve. SMART TOUCH, RFID, and T-LED ensure easy operation.

  • The TD 10 spinning draw frame: This ultramodern auto leveller draw frame features the latest digital leveling technology. Due to its smart design, the TD 10 requires on average 20 % less space than the comparable competitor’s model. It is also equipped with a highly efficient suction system. The intelligent SMART CREEL and T-LED remote display offer superior functional reliability. Special features like AUTO DRAFT and OPTI SET deliver significant performance improvements.
  • Trützschler Group
    The Pre-Cleaner CL-X. Photo: Trützschler

    The pre-cleaner CL-X (exhibited as scale model): Our new high-performance pre-cleaner offers higher productivity and lower energy consumption. Its improved grid geometry and 2.60-meter cleaning section achieve superior cleaning and separation at high production rates. The flexible machine is able to run two mixing lots at the same time, while different sizes of waste can also be separated. It features stepless speed adjustments for the opening rollers and individual adjustments of grid bars for each opening roller. An additional “WASTECONTROL” sensor is also integrated into the CL-X, which avoids the unnecessary loss of valuable good fibers.

  • Sustainability/recycling table: Visitors will get the chance to see and touch various stages of recycled material processed with our machines – from fibers to sliver and yarns. They can then get information on our specially designed recycling card.

Exhibits from our Card Clothing business

We will present a new type of clothing for different processing needs and special applications. Our new SUPERTIP series of cylinder clothing offers improved fiber guidance and allows optimal fiber transfer, which significantly improves nep removal efficiency. Its special metallurgy also helps to achieve a much “longer working life”. Our NOVOTOP series of flat tops makes a significant positive influence on the carding process. At our stand, you will be able to see models and samples of our unique range of wires. Our card clothing experts will be available to answer any questions.

Exhibits from our Nonwovens business

The new T-SUPREMA solution for needle-punched nonwovens will be part of our exhibit at India ITME. Mechanically needled nonwovens are highly functional textiles used in construction, transportation, and industrial production. T-SUPREMA production lines make the needle-punching process easier than ever. Trützschler Nonwovens partners with Texnology, an expert in needle looms and other needle-punching machinery. Our offer includes efficient machinery for manufacturing top-quality geotextiles, filtration media, automotive textiles, and nonwovens for special applications.

Exhibits from our Man-Made Fibers business

Our OPTIMA platform is a key part of our presence at India ITME. The OPTIMA for Bulk Continuous Filament (BCF) concentrates on the needs of carpet yarn producers. With the four-end MO40-C, MO40-E, and TO40 extrusion systems, customers benefit from outstanding productivity, top-quality yarns, and low production costs. The new variant OPTIMA for Industrial Yarn (IDY) transfers these advantages to the production of industrial and technical yarn. The TEC-O40 and TEC-O80 systems allow for the efficient manufacturing of high-tenacity, low-shrinkage, low-denier, and semi-industrial filament yarns. Applications cover tire reinforcements, airbags, belts, geotextiles, ropes, and nets, as well as tents and travel luggage.

Innovative and sustainable solutions for the market in India

India ITME 2022 offers a fantastic opportunity for our experts to speak to people from across the textiles industry in India and around the world. At Trützschler, we view India as a market with exciting potential for further growth and we have a long track record of providing this market with innovations that cut costs, improve quality and productivity – and support progress for sustainability.

We look forward to meeting new and existing customers at India ITME in December.


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