SubMFG installs Epson dye-sublimation and DTG printers for increased business productivity and efficiency

Apparel Company Installs Epson SureColor F10070, SureColor F10070H, and SureColor F3070 Printers as Solutions to Propel Business Forward

Epson SureColor F10070, SureColor F10070H and SureColor F3070 Printers
Epson SureColor F10070H Printers. Photo - Epson

As a high-demand, technology-focused cut-and-sew warehouse, SubMFG was looking to improve their in-house technology for a more efficient process. After attending industry trade shows to learn about the latest technology, SubMFG selected and installed the Epson SureColor® F10070 and SureColor F10070H production dye-sublimation printers and multiple SureColor F3070 direct-to-garment (DTG) printers as turnkey solutions to produce their signature apparel offerings. As a result, SubMFG has experienced increased business productivity and output efficiency, further increasing their in-house capabilities and output capacity.

A video highlighting SubMFG’s success with Epson textile printing solutions can be found here.

Located in San Diego, California, SubMFG is a full cut-and-sew house, doing everything from scratch. SubMFG resells products to ASI companies and resellers, depending on the client, as well as helping with OEM manufacturing for clients. “We like to think of ourselves as a technology company, not just a textile company,” said Jeremy DeBoer, general manager, SubMFG. “Technology in the last 10 years has completely changed our business, and when we were introduced to the SureColor F-Series dye-sublimation, it was exactly what we were looking for.”

SubMFG has been producing quality sublimated products for over 19 years, allowing DeBoer to see the history of where technology has been. “Previously, within the sublimation business you really had to buy everything third party,” he said. “The Epson dye-sub printers are a complete solution. We’ve found it’s a lot easier to keep them running on a regular basis and the efficiency is much better than what we had before.”

Since installing the SureColor dye-sublimation printers, the SubMFG team has benefited from the production-focused features designed for round-the-clock productivity. “The great thing about having two of the SureColor F-Series printers is you can run the exact same job on both printers and get the same consistency. Our color values are almost identical to one another on both printers,” continued DeBoer.

“Dye-sublimation technology is advancing rapidly, and the SureColor F-Series production printers are designed for high-production manufacturers such as SubMFG,” said Tim Check, senior product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America, Inc. “It’s great to hear how two SureColor F-Series production printers can really streamline an entire manufacturing process.”

Since installing the SureColor F10070 and F10070H, SubMFG has added DTG printing to their in-house capabilities, installing multiple SureColor F3070 DTG printers. “Our quality really matters to us. Whether it’s DTG or dye-sublimation, we want the best quality we can produce,” concluded DeBoer.

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